Top 10 Tips for Beginner Surfers

If you live near the sea or are visiting one, including surfing on your list of activities to try at least once! Whether you’re a pure novice or have already had surf coaching, there are several things you should do to enhance your surfing technique.

Buy a soft-top surfboard

The “Wavestorm” surfboards are the best-selling surfboards in the world for a reason: they’re a lot of fun and a superb entry-level board. When you’re just starting out, your board will undoubtedly strike you. But don’t worry, your body will be able to withstand the punishment with a soft top.

Surf in a less crowded area

You may wish to try the more popular sites in your neighborhood, but popular areas are likely to be visited by surfers who have been there for years and will catch the finest waves. Begin someplace off the usual path and less busy – you’ll receive more waves and, as a consequence, improve quicker.

Rehearse your pop-up

Standing up on a wave requires a rapid and fluid pop up – think of it as a quick, but controlled, push-up. Perfect your movements on the beach, and it will come much more naturally when you’re in the surf.

Change your feet

This has nothing to do with actually riding a wave, but shuffle your feet while stepping in and out of the water to lessen your chances of being stung by a stingray. Ask anyone: the agony of a stingray barb cutting through your foot is enough to make an adult weep — and certainly enough to end your surf session short.

Find the sweet spot

Beginner surfers are often seen paddling too far back on their boards, causing them to wheelie and slow down. On the other hand, some rookies paddle too high on their boards, causing the nose to poke underwater.

What you need to do is identify the sweet spot in the center, mark it with wax, then paddle in that position.

Maintain a perpendicular position to the whitewash

This is one that most coaches have taught from the beginning and it remains true today. Consider this: If you and your board are grabbed horizontally by a wave, you will be clobbered and forced toward the beach.

Instead, slice through whitewash when paddling out by taking it straight on and keeping your body low to the board.

Take use of the additional paddle

This is a tip that is applicable to all levels of surfers. Take one extra powerful stroke as you’re paddling for a wave and feel the energy of it start to lift you into it. The increased velocity will keep you from being stranded at the crest of the wave, making the descent considerably simpler.

Fall flat

Let’s be honest: you’re going to tumble. When you do, the easiest method to avoid injury is to fall nice and flat. Never leap off your board headfirst; instead, flop onto your side or back. Due to the uneven structure of the seabed, even leaping off feet first may be deadly.

Put your arms and hands in front of your face and above your head when you break the surface after falling – you never know when your board may come rocketing back at you.

Bend your knee

The way you stand on your surfboard is critical to properly directing it and riding your wave. Slightly bending your knees can assist your body absorb shocks and keep you steady on your board. Shift your head in the direction you wish to go, then gently move your upper body and hips to finish your maneuver through the waves.

Waves that suit you

Unless you’re an expert, you should look for beaches or regions with calmer waves. Inquire with local surf gurus about the best beaches for beginners. Even if you do venture out into waves that are too big for your abilities, go for smaller ones and only surf them. Early morning waves are often calmer than those in the afternoon when the trade winds build up.

Final thought

This is by far the most critical piece of advice for any new surfer (and the main reason we do it). As you learn to surf, you will crash out, get in people’s way, and generally wack out. But that’s okay; we all had to start somewhere!

In the surf world, there’s a saying that goes something like this: “The greatest surfer in the water is the one having the most fun!” Soak up those wise words, then go out there, find a surf shop, and have some fun!