Top 10 Tips For Making Your First Apartment for Rent Comfortable & Homely


First of all, a big congratulations on your move out! You know what, this is such a big decision. Moving out and living on your own takes a lot of courage and effort. Everyone knows how hard is to find cozy and cheap apartments in Los Angeles. And after you fight your insecurities and fear, you can put them on your back because you are going to live a life on your own, an independent life. But whatever we say, it still needs a lot of courage and strength to move out from where you have spent your life.

More than the place, it’s the people. Moving away from them is such a tough decision. But anyways, let’s get into the real problem. You moved out of your home, leaving all your people behind. You found a good home too. But transforming the house into a home requires courage and creativity. And we have got your back, my dear first-time renters. Let us dig right there.

Is it possible to make my rented apartment comfortable and homely?

Ah, I know this question is eating your mind right now. Can someone else’s house be your home? Yes, someone else’s walls and roof can be your home because you are giving your hard-earned money, dude. It would be best if you enjoyed it, at least for the sake of it. There is no point in making yourself uncomfortable by saying this is not yours. It’s just the mindset and a bit of makeover that needs to change the bland walls and roof into a more welcoming, calm, comfortable, cozy home.

Well, if you are looking where you can find ideas to make your rented apartment home, then you are in the right place. Before doing anything, clean the place when you enter your home, and deep clean the place. Keeping your house clean every day can bring so much peace and calmness inside your home.

You might think that even though you are paying money, it is still someone else’s place. Then why should you spend so much money decorating? Well, you are giving money, and you are the one who is going to live there for many years. To feel inner happiness and calmness, spending something on the place where you are going to live can do nothing wrong.

homey apartment decor

Top 10 excellent, easy-peasy, economical tips to transform your dull, rented apartment into more comfy and homely

If you are looking for apartments for rent or have already found a new apartment, It’s just a few makeovers needed to make your rented apartment a hub of calmness and coziness. Well, let us guide you through your way of making your house the best home in the town.

1. Paint the walls

No one likes their home to be too dull with white or too horrific with dark or gray unless they are some scary or severe person. Painting can change the whole atmosphere of the room. You can recreate the exact paint of your home. Or, if you want your home to look different, go ahead and change any color you prefer. There is color theory. If you want mixed colors, paint it. But before doing something like that, ask permission from your landlord. While some may accept, some don’t. Painting with your favorite color can be more appealing and filled with coziness.

2. Nature is a path to finding calmness and coziness

Nature can never scare you unless it is a vast, dark forest. You don’t have to overdo it. You can get many artificial plants from the market and throw them on the corners and window sills. The plant can change the mood in a significantly better way. And flowers can add bright colors to your house. You can buy live plants and flowers as well. They are the best way to reduce your stress at the end of the day. Imagine you just finished that hectic meeting and got home tired. Just make yourself a coffee, go to your plant, and play soft music, and if that doesn’t give you dopamine, nothing can.

3. Ditch the old boring furniture

If the house already has some dull, old, and squeaky furniture. Just ditch it, buddy. There are many platforms in the market where you can buy used but a piece of very good-conditioned furniture under budget. You can buy some aesthetic furniture. But let me tell you, being a miser can be suitable for furniture. Don’t stuff your house with fancy furniture, which does you no good. Being picky and less is more.

4. Let the light comes and bless your home

Even if you are living in the palace, if the lighting is not good, then it will be nothing but a suffocating cage. Which I am sure you don’t want in your new apartment. If you have natural light, appreciate it and embrace it. Make space and way for the light to come in and bless your home with its golden glow. Even if there is no chance of natural light, there are no issues. You can install good aesthetic lights. Lighting is very much crucial for any house to make it a home.

5. Art can add colors and a homely feel

If you are an artistic person by heart, you might have already purchased some artwork. But if you are not, let me tell you, art can take your house to the next level. If your landlord disagrees with nails, you can just put them on easels, lean them somewhere on the wall, or use tape. But adding art can make your home so much more aesthetic and peaceful and fill your senses with coziness.

6. Invest in some suitable textiles

Yes, a cozy cloudy rug, the bright curtain that adds to your windows, soft, airy cushions, and furniture covers can add so much beauty to your home. Remove the ugly curtains and rugs and replace them with bright, soft, neat ones. It can make your house feel more welcoming and soothing. If not curtains, use bamboo shades or any shades you want. Investing in a good rug can be so much more effective. It can let your palm feel the softness and coziness.

7. Be picky about the spray

Yes, you want your house to smell good to make it home. To make your house your home, you can use your favorite room spray or the same used in your parent’s home. It can make you feel close to them and fall more in love with your new home. The scent is so strong that it immediately feels more connected to the person with whom you feel the same smell. Try mimicking the same aroma of your parent’s home. Or use scented candles. This way, you can feel the house, your home, and your guest will appreciate the wonderful smell too.

8. Duplicate the items from your home

Suppose you feel too homesick but can’t go there. Try to recreate the same atmosphere and environment as your home. Why don’t you try using the quilt your grandma knitted, hang the painting that your little brother painted, or use the same mirror your mom bought for you when she went out? Including the sentimental can make you feel at home and give your new house a homely feel.

9. Family can be in a frame

Collect your family pictures and frame them. Hang it on the walls, stick it on the fridge, your laptop, or whatever you want. Take small candid photographs and stick them in various places in your home. And this can work very effectively if you feel homesick. All those embarrassing, funny pictures can come in handy in this situation. Frame your family and hang it in your main hall.

10. Food is the key

Last is for the best. Nothing can beat the food, no matter what you do to make your house a home. Food is the gateway to entering someone’s heart, which can be the same for you. Instead of ordering food delivery, cook yourself your meals—Cook your mother’s signature food. Cook your favorites which your mother makes. Take little help from your mom. Ask her the recipe and start cooking. Nothing can make you feel if not food.

Other than the above things, there are a few different ways to make your dull walls and roof your home.

  1. Invite guests: Don’t live in your own space. Sometimes including others inside our space makes you feel homier and at peace. Invite guests in and arrange a small party inside.
  2. Invite and interact with your neighbors: Neighbors are the ones who will come to you in your emergency. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your neighbors. They will be happy to talk and help you.
  3. Get creative with the entryway: Instead of a regular entrance, why not install some signs, miniature furniture, and art that will invite you to your home?
  4. Work on your kitchen: Fill your kitchen with different groceries. And cook in your home instead of ordering food from outside. It can keep you busy and enjoy your little world.
  5. Organizing doesn’t hurt: Sometimes, organizing your dresses and other things may look tiresome, but this is the best way to keep your house messy and comfortable. No one likes their home to be piled with clothes here and there, wet towels on the couch, or opened spice boxes. Make sure you’re arranging everything in order.

Conclusion: Creating a Personal Oasis in Your First Rental Apartment

In summary, transforming your first rental apartment into a comfortable and homely space is an exciting journey of self-expression and creativity. It’s about making the space truly yours, even within the constraints of renting. By implementing these top 10 tips, you can turn any apartment into a cozy retreat that reflects your personality and style.

From painting the walls to infusing your favorite scents, each modification adds a layer of personal touch. Integrating elements of nature, optimizing lighting, investing in textiles, and incorporating art and personal mementos, all contribute to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Remember, the key to a homely apartment lies in the details – the family photos on the wall, the familiar scents, and the comfort foods from your childhood.

As you embark on this journey, embrace the freedom and opportunity it presents to create a space that resonates with your individuality and becomes a sanctuary from the outside world. Your first apartment is more than just a living space; it’s a canvas for your memories and dreams, a place where your life unfolds and evolves.

So, settle in, get creative, and most importantly, enjoy the process of making your first apartment a true reflection of who you are. Welcome to your new home!

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