Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Films to Watch on a Date

Fascinating plot and deep meaning, a bit of dancing, fake fights, and blood feuds – Bollywood
releases hundreds of bright movies every year, so finding a true gem among them is a tough task.
We made it a bit simpler and put together a list of ten Bollywood films that should’ve enjoyed
bigger popularity. It’s time for a movie date.

Udaan (Flight) (2010)

After eight years in a boarding school, Rohan returns to his home town of Jamshedpur where he falls
under the yoke of his father and young stepbrother he didn’t even know about. Forced to work at his
father’s metallurgical plant and continue studying engineering, Rohan still tries to follow his own path
no matter what and fulfill his long-held dream – to become a writer.

Queen (2014)

So, what should a girl do when her loved one dumps her right before the wedding? To ease the
heartache and resentment, Rani goes on a honeymoon trip she had long dreamed of alone, starting with
Paris. The city of love met her with painful memories of crushed hopes. But a surprising encounter
promises to make Rani’s life bright again. Will she find love again?

3 Idiots (2009)

Two buddies set out to find their missing friend. In this journey, they’ll get involved in long-forgotten
disputes, ruin a wedding, and even attend a funeral. Their path goes through dangerous places. And
that’s where a thrilling journey down the memory lane begins.

Rang De Basanti (Color It Saffron) (2006)

Sue comes to India from the UK to make a documentary about the Indian fighters for independence
during the English colonization period. She has no studio, no team, and no funds, so she’s forced to work
young students. At first, her new crew isn’t particularly eager to take part in the project, but over time,
they get more and more immersed in the problems of that time. And gradually, they understand that
little has changed in the country over the past few centuries and that people now still have to fight for
their rights. Soon, they begin their own struggle.

Like Stars on Earth (2007)

Eight-year-old Ishaan Awasthi isn’t like other kids. The world doesn’t understand him, just like his
parents. When Ishaan fails the school exam for the third time, his father sends the boy to a boarding
school as a punishment. There, Ishaan meets a drawing teacher named Ram who aims to change the
boy’s life and attitude towards him.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Run Milkha Run) (2013)

It’s a biopic based on the life of the former Indian athlete Milkha Singh. Winner of many medals and
Olympic champion, Milkha Singh sold his biography for just one rupee.

What the Heart Wants (2001)

In our days, it seems so easy to find that special someone. Just take a walk in a park, have a cup of
coffee in a café, or visit some Russian dating website. But some people just aren’t lucky. Three best
friends, Akash, Sameer, and Sid, are probably the biggest loses in love. At a student party, Akash meets a
beautiful girl Shalini, but she turns out to already have a fiancé. Sid likes interior designer Tara, but she’s
much older than him and has alcohol problems. Sameer's parents have already found a bride for him.
Yet thee three don’t lose hope. After all, they have a whole life ahead!

Barfi! (2012)

For Shruti, love is a sublime feeling when two lonely hearts are together forever. Barfi, a charming guy
from Darjeeling, became the very person with whom she wanted to share every minute of her life. But
the pragmatism of her parents interferes with the pure hopes of the young couple.

Swades (2004)

Mohan Bhargava came to the US from rural India. At home, in the village of Charanpur, he left a
sweetheart, a childhood friend – Gita. He works at the NASA research center in the group controlling the
launch of the GPM satellite.

Black (2005)

Michelle McNally, a girl, born to an Anglo-Indian family, becomes blind and deaf when she’s just 18
months old. She’s a bright, smart girl who lives in black silence without the ability to communicate with
the outside world. It upsets Michelle who really wants to be a part of it. Desperation forces her to be
mischievous, strong, and rude. But fate has other plans for her…