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Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena

Science can clarify and prove a lot of things that are happening on Earth. It is our ultimate tool whenever we have questions about our natural world. However, we sometimes run into events that even science can’t explain. Here are some of the strange phenomena that remained unsolved.

1. Bloody Sky

Bloody Sky

The residents of Chalchuapa, El Salvador witnessed a strange phenomenon in the sky in April 2016. It was when crimson light filled the sky for a minute then faded away leaving the it with a pink tint. Some claimed that this event was a sign of an oncoming apocalypse as described in the Bible. Others said that the strange light was a side effect of the annual April meteor showers that is frequently observed in the area. Another theory was the light reflected on the clouds came from the fires made by sugarcane farmers. Though a lot of speculation was made, there is still no clear clarification about this phenomenon.

2. Raining Animals

Many animals have been recorded falling from the sky such as frogs, spiders, fish, snakes, and worms. Some believe the theory that these animals are lifted to the sky by waterspouts and tornadoes in their natural habitats, but there is no clear proof that is the case. While this explanation seems somewhat plausible, there was an example of a similar circumstance that doesn’t fit this theory. It’s hard to imagine raw meat falling from the sky when the weather was perfectly clear at the time – no waterspouts or tornados.

3. Cities in the Sky

On April 21, 2017, the citizens from China were awestruck to see an image of a city floating on the clouds. This phenomenon had also happened years before in five different locations in China but there was still no clear clarification on how or why this happens. Some scientists came up with different theories such as aliens attempting to cross from a different dimension, the second coming of Christ, or it is the images of the holographic tests by the Chinese government. Another possible explanation is the infrequent weather event called a Fata Morgana where the light that passes through heat waves causes a duplication effect. However, that seemed unlikely because the image on the sky didn’t match the skyline below it.

4. Morning Glory Clouds

Morning glory clouds are shaped like long tubes which travel across the sky ominously. This kind of cloud is often witnessed in Australia during the transition from the dry season to the wet season. Some people believe that this cloud is a sign that predicts the increase of the bird population. Some scientists explain that this kind of cloud is from the combination of sea breezes and humidity changes. Though, no computer model has exactly predicted this bizarre phenomenon and there is no clear explanation on how it occurs.

5. Human Combustion

There was a case in Edmonton, Canada where a twenty-year-old boy woke up in shock to find himself engulfed in flames. Based on some witnesses, the fire started directly with in his body. The boy was treated for second-degree burns and according to the doctors, they’ve never seen a case like this and it’s unexplainable. This phenomenon also happened to other people.  Some of these theories explain that it is caused by a person’s habits such as drinking alcohol, others say that it is an act of sorcery or witchcraft. Up to now, there is no clear explanation where the source of ignition comes from.

6. Big Foot

A lot of people have claimed to have seen a large, hairy, manlike beast, and they referred to it as Bigfoot. There are also some conspiracy theories about this said monster such as it’s a caveman, an alien, or even a type of sloth. However, there’s not a single body or other hard evidence like teeth and bones of Bigfoot that have been found despite the number of claims. There are just photos of these sightings, but they are hard to use as evidence to prove that Bigfoot is real.  This one many may feel science has disproved but some still believe its true.

7. Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a mysterious feeling of having experienced specific sets of circumstances before. It is a French word that means “already seen”. There was a twenty-three-year-old student who became a victim of an extreme case of déjà vu. Based on his claim, he has a strong feeling of having experienced events before that he can barely function because of it. He even dropped out of college because of this phenomenon. Some explanations state that anxiety might have triggered this condition. But déjà vu remains a mystery.

8. Near-Death Experiences

Some people who had near-death experiences have different stories to tell. Some of them describe seeing a tunnel with an emerging light at the end and others claim that they’ve been reunited with their loved ones. However, no one has been able to provide much proof about these experiences. There was a case in which a forty-nine-year-old woman named Beverley Gilmour had more than a thousand near-death experiences. Doctors have been studying her condition, but they haven’t come up with any reasonable explanation on why its happening or her experiences.

9. The Taos Hum

Taos is a town located in north-central New Mexico. It is known for its liberal artist community and the several celebrities that have lived there. However, there’s a phenomenon it’s also famous for which is the “Taos Hum”. It was said that there’s a strange noise in this place that is heard of only two percent of the population, and each of them described the sound differently. Some have tried to use different equipment to pick up the noise but so far there has been no scientific explanation or confirmation of the hum.

10. The Tunguska Event

A massive fireball dashed to the ground before exploding about six kilometers above the Earth’s surface. This occurred on June 30, 1908, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Siberia. This explosion slaughtered a lot of animals and completely crushed the surrounding forest. It even sent a hot shockwave for miles. Some scientists believed that the fireball was an asteroid. However, the biggest mystery in this event was that the massive explosion left no crater and no meteor material can be found to be examined. Others say that the object which blasted into the sky was composed of ice that is why it left no debris.

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