Top 11 Online Betting Trends In 2022



As technology advances, so does sports betting. Online betting is becoming more popular each year as gamblers are drawn in by the convenience of being able to gamble from home. The following are the top 11 online betting trends that could shape the industry by 2022, according to N1 Bet.

Online Betting Trends that will shape the industry in 2022

1) Advancements of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

The future of sports betting will incorporate technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality in order to enhance the betting experience. Virtual Reality will likely have much more widespread use than Augmented, which would be used for a specific event or type of sport.

2) More Sports Betting Offers

As online gambling becomes legal in more states around the country, more sports betting websites will be available. With new sites, come new offers that can attract more gamblers.

3) Increased Focus on Mobile Gambling

As smartphones become the primary mode of communication for many people around the world, gambling companies will begin to develop apps that allow users to gamble on their phones. The convenience of mobile gambling will make it easier for people to gamble on the go.

4) Different Ways of Wagering

One feature that is becoming more and more popular with online gambling sites is the ability to wager using financial instruments such as stocks. Betting on commodities such as oil or gas could also be a way gamblers wager in 2022.

5) The Integration of Social Media & Gambling Websites

Online gambling sites are starting to team up with social media websites such as Facebook in order to increase their customer base. This could be an effective way for the two industries to come together.

6) Increasing Security Measures to Prevent Fraud

One of the biggest threats to online gambling sites is fraud and security measures will continue to be improved in order to reduce the threat of cyber attacks.

7) The Popularity of iGaming in the Caribbean

The popularity of iGaming is a growing trend in the Caribbean and is set to continue. Many more resorts could use sports betting as a way to attract tourists from all over the world who would come to enjoy legalized online gambling.

8) Popularity of Fantasy Sports

One major factor that drives people towards fantasy sports such as NFL Fantasy Football is that they can win real money by participating in the game. แทงบอลออนไลน์ could become very popular as more people are drawn to it because of this fact.

9) An Increase of MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) Betting

With the increase in popularity of MOBA games, more people are looking for ways to bet on their favorite teams. This is allowing sites that offer betting on multiplayer online battle arena games to become more popular.

10) More Professional Sports Teams Investing in eSports

With the increasing number of professional sports teams investing in eSports, various esports leagues will begin to emerge. This could become a major trend in 2022 and beyond, with sports teams making their own eSports groups similar to that of traditional sports team’s football, baseball, etc. leagues

11) A Creation of an International Sports Betting Exchange

With businesses from all over the world being able to enter into transactions online, international sports betting exchange would be a way for these businesses to interact. An exchange would also do much to reduce fraud and ensure that both parties in a transaction pay out properly.


As we progress into the future, the landscape of sports betting will be forever changed as technology continues to evolve. In 2022 it would not be surprising to see some or all of these trends as a part of the online betting industry, as they’ll bring about new ways for people to gamble from home and allow those who wish to remain anonymous from gambling online to do so.

With the increased level of competition in this industry, it’s likely that more states will join Delaware and New Jersey in allowing sports betting. With more new customers entering the market, online gambling websites will find better ways to attract consumers by coming up with unique offers or offers that are tailored to individual users.

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