Top 11 Reasons Why Volunteer Satisfaction is the Key to Program Success (2022)


Volunteer programs are one of the most effective sources for nonprofit organizations to reach their targets and meet their goals. But to do so efficiently, they have to onboard and retain volunteers who will work alongside them and work towards the success of an event. Catering to volunteer satisfaction becomes necessary to ensure that volunteers joining will put in their best efforts and perform all tasks adequately.

When volunteer needs get met, not only will there be higher performance, but it will also help organizations drive higher success towards their programs. Thus, here’s a look at a few ways volunteer satisfaction plays a significant role in driving event success.

11 Ways How Volunteer Satisfaction Helps Event Success

1. Improves Volunteer Retention

Volunteer satisfaction is one of the most efficient ways to ensure long-term retention within the organization. By understanding the importance of volunteers, organizations can take measures that cater to volunteer needs and suggestions, organizations can work towards ensuring that volunteers are satisfied with their provisions. The higher their satisfaction, the likelier they will stay with the organization or return for future programs.

2. Builds Healthy Organization-Volunteer Relationships

Volunteer satisfaction also goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship between volunteers and the organization. These connections are crucial for driving volunteer program success as it sets the stone for efficient coordination between all working members.

3. Builds Public Image

Volunteer satisfaction also helps improve the reputation of a nonprofit organization. A good reputation helps drive volunteer program success as more people will want to participate in volunteer events. When volunteers are content, they will be more likely to talk about the organization or its programs, thus building word-of-mouth goodwill.

4. Improves Program Performance

When satisfied, volunteers will be more likely to put in their best efforts toward the volunteer program. When more effort gets put in, the organization has better chances of increased volunteer event performance and goal achievement. Nonprofits can make use of volunteer management software to record all performance and monitor volunteer satisfaction measures.

5. Increases the Reach of Volunteer Programs

Volunteer satisfaction will encourage volunteers to talk about an organization to people they know. They may share information about it online to showcase how well nonprofits consider their presence and work. It helps increase the organization’s reach as more people become willing to participate in volunteer events if they feel the nonprofit is considerate towards its volunteers.

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6. Cost-Effective Recruitment

Cost-Effective Recruitment

Volunteer satisfaction often leads to higher volunteer retention or returning volunteers. It proves cost-efficient for nonprofits as they do not have to spend funds looking for new volunteers when existing volunteers choose to stay. The saved funds also allow organizations to use them towards improved volunteer events and enhance their success.

7. Higher Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers are more likely to engage with the organization and its operations when there is a presence of volunteer satisfaction. Not only will it encourage them to put in more effort, but they will also choose to engage with fellow volunteers and employees, bring in suggestions, and other forms of communication. Volunteer engagement is necessary for hosting successful volunteer events as it provides room for teamwork and coordination.

8. Better Volunteer Activities

Volunteer feedback/suggestions are an excellent way to improve existing operations. It will help organizations carry out better activities that align with volunteer interests, which in turn will help bring higher success to volunteer programs. Volunteer satisfaction can be provided through listening to volunteer suggestions and using the information to tailor all events.

9. Potential Employees

Volunteer satisfaction may lead to some volunteers wanting to join the organization full-time. Content volunteers will feel encouraged by the practices carried out by nonprofits and choose to take more time to work with them. If this happens, there are higher chances of achieving volunteer event success.

10. Better Partnerships

Volunteer satisfaction helps attract more attention toward nonprofits and the work they carry out. When the public sees their consideration towards meeting volunteer needs, more opportunities will be available to form better partnerships with local businesses, government authorities, other organizations, etc. Partnerships are often necessary to host successful volunteer events and drive their success.

11. Improved Public Interaction

Volunteer satisfaction allows organizations to build their reputation with the public. When this happens, more and more people will be willing to interact with the non-profit and learn about their work. They will be open to contributing towards future volunteer programs, thus increasing the chances of their success.


Volunteers are why nonprofit organizations can host successful events and achieve their goals. By working towards volunteer satisfaction, nonprofits can boost their success in numerous ways and ensure the timely achievement of organizational goals. When volunteers are content, it benefits them and proves to be efficient for the organization as it allows them to be more successful with the work they do.


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