Top 11 Solar Tips to Save You More Money!


Solar energy is one of the most well-known and often discussed renewable energy sources. Solar energy (sometimes called solar power) is derived from the sun and transformed into thermal or electrical energy using contemporary technology. Solar energy is the purest kind of energy accessible and the most plentiful renewable energy source.

Rather than relying on finite and polluting power sources, renewable energy offers the possibility of a cleaner and more dependable power supply. While the promise of a better environment is one of the advantages of using solar solutions in Capella. Solar energy is also a very cost-effective source of energy. Installing solar panels on your roof, for example, may save you more money than you think while also promoting sustainable energy! Are you hesitant to “go solar”? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Many Americans are concerned that solar energy technology, such as solar panels, would be prohibitively expensive to install.

Solar energy is beneficial in a variety of ways, both at home and in the workplace. When you don’t have a backup plan, power outages might inflict more harm than good. Consider losing electricity for two days and having a month’s worth of food in the freezer.

“Does solar electricity truly save you money?” is the most often asked question about it. Yes, it is correct. Depending on a few criteria, the amount you save will vary from home to household. Just keep in mind that the cost savings of solar technology (i.e. solar panels) will surpass the initial installation expenses, and you will also benefit from additional financial advantages.

Here are 11 suggestions for making the most of your solar energy.

1. Make use of your appliances throughout the day

It may seem like a no-brainer, yet many individuals fail to take advantage of daylight hours. By using your high-use appliances during the day, such as the dishwasher, dryer, and washing machine, you are consuming electricity as it is generated. Please make use of the time you have since it is free energy!

Bonus Tip: If you fill the dishwasher in the evening, wait until the next morning when the sun is shining before turning it on.

2. Spread your consumption out

Spread out your consumption throughout the day. For example, start the washing machine at 11 a.m. and the dryer at noon. It keeps you from adding to your bill by drawing from the grid.

3. In the afternoon, heat or chill your home

You may save money and avoid the evening peak energy cost by heating or cooling your house during the last few hours of daylight.

4. Examine the area for shadow and trash

Keep an eye out for any possible shading concerns, prune any trees, and clear any debris if necessary. Keep in mind that shadow influences the system’s performance.

5. Have the panels been cleaned?

Dirt, dust, and bird droppings might obstruct your savings efforts. Anything that blocks your solar panels decreases your system’s production, which reduces your savings on your power bill. Getting up on your roof and cleaning your solar panels may be difficult and hazardous, so let us handle it with the right tools and expertise. While on-site, we also conduct a complementary system check. For more information regarding the panels, you can visit Greenify power.

6. Make use of energy-saving appliances

Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances and replace your lights with LEDs to reduce your usage at night and keep your cost as low as possible! For example, utilizing LEDs will save you money by consuming less energy and avoiding the need to run an air conditioner due to the warmth generated by certain bulbs. You just require light, not heat.

7. Look for a better deal by shopping around

Even if solar decreases your usage, your energy retailer will still charge you a ‘supply charge’ to supply power to your home. You can further minimize your cost by obtaining a lower supply charge. Look for a decent solar feed-in tariff to help you save even more money.

8. Insert a battery

Whether you don’t already have a battery, check your statement to see how many kWh you’re exporting to determine if a battery is a good investment. If you’re currently exporting about 12kWh per day into the grid, installing a battery can help you make the most of your system by allowing you to use solar electricity at night. You may also have total blackout protection by adding a battery.

9. Seasonal Changes

The performance of your system will fluctuate as the seasons change. Summer kWh output should be about 5.2 x System Size, whereas winter kWh production should be around 2.6 x System Size.

10. Keep an eye on your system and use it

Monitor your solar system to ensure it is working properly and to discover how it works. The majority of inverters come with an app that displays your system’s PV production. Your energy distributor can also provide you with information on your energy usage. Customers of Greenify Power  can use ‘myEnergy’ to track their use and solar export. It provides you with valuable information about your consumption patterns and how your solar system operates throughout the year.

11. Use only a small amount of hot water.

More than a quarter of the energy used in houses is used to heat water, according to the Energy and Environment Department. Reducing the amount of hot water used in the house can save energy, which can then be used for other household purposes. Cleaning dishes with hot water and then rinsing them with cold water is an example.


In comparison to grid electricity, solar panels are relatively inexpensive. To get the most out of solar energy, you’ll need to know how to use it while the sun is shining brightly, as well as acquire the proper products.


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