Top 12 Amazon PPC Tools


If you haven’t yet explored the world of Amazon advertising, perhaps this statistic will change your mind. Amazon ads, on average, cost 44% less than what you’ll pay on Facebook and 68% less than what you’ll pay on Google.

With fierce competition and rising ad costs, those numbers certainly seem tempting. But getting ad success on Amazon can be a little daunting to those new to the scene.

Fortunately, software companies have already figured out this downside. And they’ve come up with a solution: Amazon PPC tools. So in this guide, we will introduce you to 12 Amazon ad automation software solutions on the market.

1. Sellzone

If you haven’t heard of Sellzone, you’ve probably heard of another platform this business sells: SEMRush.

These SEO market leaders have now turned their hands to mastering Amazon ads. They have developed one of the top Amazon PPC tools.

Here is what you can expect when you choose Sellzone:

  • An Amazon research tool to help you find the most profitable niches, products, and keywords for your campaign
  • PPC optimization tool to improve the performance of your ad campaigns using AI technology
  • Keyword research and optimization to help you choose the best keywords for your ad campaigns and your organic listings
  • Split testing capability to help you experiment with new campaign ideas to see what strategies are the most profitable for you

2. Adtomic

Adtomic is an ad PPC tool devised by the software company Helium 10. They designed it to improve ROI when running an Amazon ad campaign. Here are several of the more notable features:

  • Detailed metrics of your ad campaign in one place to help you track performance, such as total ad costs for all your sales
  • Their automation tools allow you to optimize your campaign at the click of a button
  • Using AI, they offer keyword bidding suggestions to help you get the optimum price or every keyword
  • Campaign templates to help you get your ads up and running quickly
  • Education and training suite to help advise you on the latest and most effective ad strategies.

Adtomic is a prominent and popular platform with over $10 billion in annual sales via the tool.

Adtomic offers a 7-day free trial for all new users, and package prices start at $29 a month for the basic features, up to $399 per month for their most sophisticated enterprise-level package.

3. M19

M19 positions its business as an advertising agency. They also use AI-powered PPC ad tools, which helps this business stand out as one of the top Amazon software offerings.

Here are some of the features the PPC tool for M19 offers advertisers:

  • Automated campaign creation to take the time and hassle out of setting up new Amazon ads
  • A simple dashboard to help you quickly compare your target ACOS with your current ACOS on a campaign
  • Keyword insights and keyword recommendations for any product to help you improve your ad targeting
  • User-friendly reporting dashboard to help you monitor your ad performance at a glance

M19 offers a straightforward pricing structure. They have a free package suitable for most small businesses. You then pay a subscription fee based on the number of Amazon sales you make through the platform.

A premium package for big enterprise businesses starts at $400 a month.

4. Sellics

Sellics, from Perpetua, is an eCommerce ad platform. It’s branded as an all-in-one dashboard, allowing you to manage all your Amazon advertising in one place.

Here is what Sellics has on offer for their users:

  • Automated campaign creation, including bidding recommendations
  • Daily bid prompts to help you optimize your campaign bidding
  • Keyword search tools to improve your campaign targeting
  • The tool includes a workflow builder with rule logic to help you create a custom automation for your ad campaign
  • The tool also allows you to optimize your organic listings and improve your organic search rankings
  • Access to a support team to help you set up and optimize your ad campaigns

Sellics offers three priced packages, starter, growth, and pro.

These prices range from $250 a month to $550 (plus a percentage of ad spend). There is also a custom package offering tailored to the needs of large enterprise customers.

5. Seller App

Seller App is for businesses selling on Amazon. It’s an all-in-one tool for sellers, and it includes a PPC automation tool as part of the core software.

Before you choose Seller App, it’s worth knowing what to expect. Here are some of the functionality included in the tool:

  • Research to help you check the profitability, market, and competition in various niches before selecting and launching your new product to maximize your marketing ROI
  • Automated keyword finder to help you narrow down the perfect keywords to improve your organic listings and keyword-based PPC ads
  • AI-powered campaign optimization tool to help you set up your PPC ads with the right keywords and targeting
  • Profitability reporting to help you monitor the financial aspect of your Amazon business, including any paid advertising campaigns

Seller App offers a free 7-day trial to try it before you buy. They also provide a “freemium” package for small businesses that only need the basic features of their app. Paid package options are $39 and $79 per month.

6. Flywheel 2.0

Flywheel is of particular interest to those businesses that sell on Walmart and Amazon. This PPC ad platform supports both marketplaces. Flywheel is an AI-powered platform created by the company Teikametrics.

Here are some of the features on offer to Amazon sellers on the Flywheel platform:

  • SKU-based automated campaign creation for PPC ads on Amazon and Walmart
  • AI-based keyword suggestions based on your product listing and metadata
  • Keyword targeting to help you refine and optimize your ad campaigns based on what keywords are performing well for you
  • Automated bid optimization to ensure every bid is at the right price, and you aren’t paying more than you need to for an ad placement

Flywheel offers a free trial in line with other similar Amazon advertising tools regarding pricing. So you can test the platform fee-free for up to 30 days.

After that, the platform offers two price options, a free package for low volume users and a package charged at 3% of sales for anyone with revenue over $10,000 a month.

7. Perpetua

Another platform with a broader marketplace offering beyond Amazon is Perpetua. They offer eCommerce sellers the opportunity to automate ad campaigns for Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Instacart.

Here is what you can find when you log in to the Perpetua platform.

  • The tool shapes ad creation around goals rather than campaigns, so it allows advertisers to set ads based on what they want to achieve rather than simply filling in ad creation form fields
  • An AI-driven bidding and targeting algorithm to help you automate your ad optimization
  • A cross-channel reporting dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your ad performance across all your marketplaces

Monthly pricing for this tool ranges from $250 for the standard platform to $550 (plus an ad spend percentage) for the pro package. There is also an enterprise-level option with custom pricing.

8. PPC Entourage

PPC entourage is an ad tool plus coaching aimed at beginner marketers getting started on Amazon. They designed it to simplify the learning curve for businesses wanting to use Amazon advertising for their business.

Here are some of the most exciting features of the tool:

  • Bid price automation
  • AI-powered search term optimization to remove any underperforming keywords from your PPC campaign
  • Keyword recommendations for your organic search results on Amazon
  • A simple, user-friendly dashboard for each campaign
  • A copy-and-paste template to set up a new campaign using data from an existing one

Pricing for the PPC entourage depends on your ad spend. They have a tool on the website to provide a pricing estimate for your predicted sales volume. They also offer a free trial to new users.

9. Quartile

Quartile is a prominent player in Amazon advertising, with over 5000 accounts using their platform. They have big household names on their customer list, including Unilever and Weiman.

Is Quartile the right platform for you? Let’s see what it can do:

  • A central dashboard providing an overview of all your PPC campaigns across multiple marketplaces
  • AI-powered optimization that works at the most granular (product) level of ad campaigns
  • Goal setting technology to help you link your campaigns with your more comprehensive business profit and revenue targets
  • Support for various ad types, including sponsored ads and retargeted ads

The Quartile platform is for large enterprise-level Amazon businesses, and they don’t publish pricing on their website. However, if this is the platform for you, their sales team offers product demos.

10. Zon Tools

Zon tools is a PPC advertising platform specifically for Amazon. It allows you to automate all your ad campaigns.

They have a big platform with over $1 billion in sales. They have recently launched a more updated version of the software, known as Zon 2.0. Here is what Zon Tools can offer for your Amazon advertising:

  • Automated ad campaigns across all Amazon ad types, including sponsored brand and sponsored product listings
  • Autopilot campaign management, allowing you to “set and forget” your ad once it’s up and running
  • Ad optimization to help you get your product listing on the first search results page on Amazon
  • Campaign defensive to help you avoid negative or aggressive campaign attacks from competitors

There are three pricing options for Zon Tools, and each comes with a 30-day $1 trial so that you can test the platform at minimum risk. After that, pricing ranges from $9 to $25 per month.

11. Ad Badger

Ad Badger aims their tool at business owners who want to improve the performance of their existing Amazon ad campaigns. Ad Badger is a small but growing business that emphasizes creating an Amazon seller community.

Here’s what Ad Badger can offer your business:

  • Ad Badger comes with a bid optimization tool to help you continually alter the costs of your bid to remain competitive
  • Automatically adds negative keywords that are irrelevant to your product and includes a negative keyword discovery tool for when you first set up your campaign
  • Keyword discovery and optimization will allow you to find the best keywords for your ad campaign
  • An advanced dashboard to help you see a quick visual representation of your live ad campaigns

Ad Badger doesn’t publish prices for their tool and management services. You will need to book a product demo with their sales team to get more information.

12. Kinetic

The software company Viral Launch makes the Kinetic tool. Viral Launch specializes in advertising and marketing tools to help you grow your online business.

Here is what the Kinetic PPC tool can do for your advertising campaigns on Amazon:

  • This tool offers you the ability to set your automation rules for each new ad campaign, such as turning off a campaign automatically if an event is triggered (such as a cost per click too high for your marketing budget)
  • Dashboard reporting helps you get a snapshot of the profitability of your campaigns so you can focus on what aspects need optimizing
  • A detailed insight into how your PPC campaigns are helping you improve your organic search listings and improve organic sales on Amazon
  • Search and track the best keywords for your products and ad campaigns

Viral Launch offers an entry price for their essential tools of $69 a month. However, if you want access to the more advanced PPC automation features, you’ll need to choose their Pro package, which is $199 per month.

Twelve Amazon PPC Tools: Which One is Right for You?

Paying every month to use an ad tool might seem confusing. Why not use Amazon ads directly and save yourself the fee?

But from the features these tools offer, you can understand why the costs are worth what these Amazon PPC tools can offer.


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