Top 12 Healthy Eating Habits for Lazy College Students

College students are known to hold very poor eating habits. Lazy college students would rather spend a lot of time partying than prepare a healthy meal. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle,  you must adopt healthy eating. There are many options for eating healthy in college. You only need to spare a few minutes of your time to enjoy a healthy meal. Here are the top 12 healthy eating habits that should be adopted by all college students.

1. Eat at Least 3 balanced meals a day

No matter how lazy you are, you should ensure that you eat at least 3 meals per day. Your meals should be well balanced. Most college students spend the whole day without eating and when they eat, they opt for junk foods. If you want to be healthy, monitor your weight and live a fulfilling life, you must ensure that your foods are well balanced. A balanced diet promotes brain function, which in turn will help you better manage write my paper tasks. Especially students should pay attention to nutrition and brain support during exams.

2. Control Portions and Count Calories

One of the most important aspects of healthy eating in college is calorie management. You should always be on the lookout to ensure that you do not eat high-calorie foods. As a college student, you do not want to find yourself in a situation where you accumulate a lot of weight in a short span. The best way to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle is by counting your calorie intake.  Get used to reading labels so that you can avoid taking excess calories.

3. Eat breakfast every day

Breakfast is the meal that gives you the energy to face your day. Most college students make a mistake of skipping breakfast in a hurry to attend lectures. With a little organization, you can spare 30 minutes to enjoy a sandwich with a cup of coffee in the morning. Always make sure your breakfast is well balanced. A healthy breakfast will help you to be more productive in class.

4. Drink lots of water

Drinking water is something that you should not be reminded. Unfortunately, most people forget the importance of taking water. Water is an important ingredient to your overall health. Water helps streamline your metabolism and helps hydrate your body. Make sure you drink at least  8 glasses of water each day. You should always have a portable water bottle if you know that you will spend most hours in class.

5. Choose whole grains

One of the important aspects of healthy eating is ensuring that you eat foods that are reached in nutrients. Whole grain foods are rich with natural nutrients and mineral salts. If you have to eat bread, make sure it is whole grain bread that contains all the natural ingredients.

6. Cook Your Food

Home cooked food is the best food for you. There are many foods that you can quickly prepare in your hostel. The reason why you should cook is to ensure that you avoid high-calorie fast foods. Eating in restaurants will force you to eat unhealthy foods. Eating out is also very expensive. Most importantly, you can never be certain that the food you are eating outside is cooked in a clean environment.

7. Slow Eating Is Better

Most college students eat their food while standing. The rush to attend classes and go to the library may force you to adopt fast eating. Unfortunately, eating large amounts of food in a short span is not good for your health. Taking too much food in a short span may affect your digestive system. When you eat fast, you also do not notice that you are getting full. Eating fast may cause you to consume too many calories in a day.

8. Get Help With Your Assignments

One of the key factors that affect healthy eating for college students is assignments. Too many class work may force you to forego some meals. However, you can reduce the amount of class work you have to deal with so as to get some time to eat. To create some spare time to eat, use for help to create some time to eat.

9. Eat On Time

One of the worst college students eating habits is eating late in the night. Even if you have too much work to do, make sure you take a break and eat on time. You should never have your dinner past 10 pm at night. You should make sure you have lunch at around noon and have your dinner on time.

10. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol has become like a disease for college students in this generation. People now take alcohol even during working days. If you are one among those who take alcohol instead of food, you need to check your habits. If you must take alcohol, make sure you eat first. Alcohol will dehydrate your body and affect your digestion. Alcohol also affects your appetite.

11. Stay Away From Tempting Foods

A serious unhealthy eating habit for most college students is snacking. While snacking is not bad, you should only eat healthy snacks. Avoid having sugary foods around you all the time. Instead of keeping chocolate bars in your room, have an apple around. This will help you reduce eating unhealthy snacks.

12. Do Not Skip Lunch

Unfortunately, most college students skip their lunch for one reason or another. Whether you are busy or not, you should always work hard to ensure that you have your lunch. Taking your lunch gives you the energy to focus on your studies. You should also ensure that your lunch is well balanced. Do not opt for fast foods, instead make a simple healthy meal. You can also find restaurants that cook healthy meals around you where you can have a quick bite for lunch.

Drinking coffee from time to time can have its health benefits, but drinking it all the time even when you don’t need it could reduce its impact. If you drink a cup or more each day, cut back to as infrequently as possible (at most once or twice a week) and only drink it when you really need it, such as the morning of an important exam when you didn’t get much sleep the night before.


Most college students have poor eating habits due to lack of time, while others are just lazy. If you are a college student, it is important to understand that healthy eating is the only way to increase your productivity. You will be able to perform better if you eat well. There are many changes you should undertake to ensure that you eat healthily. Some of the important aspects to consider include drinking plenty of water, eating balanced meals, never skip a meal, and always cooking your foods. If you cannot cook, find a restaurant that serves healthy meals. It is also important to note that, instead of spending too much time in the library, you can get help doing some of your assignments. Students spend too much time on books and forget about eating. You can get writing help from one of the leading college writing sites to avoid starving yourself.

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Sandra Hayward is a professional college student counselor and writer. Hayward has been helping college students manage studies and lifestyle through her writing for more than a decade now. Today, she is a contributor to over 10 college magazines all over the US.