Top 3 Best Emotes in Fortnite


One of the best things about Fortnite is that it lets players choose from hundreds of skins to fit their style. From the adorable Mr. Banana to the awe-inspiring Skulltrooper, there’s a skin to suit everyone’s taste. Another way to personalize your character in Fortnite, besides changing skins, is through emotes. Emotes were first introduced during Fortnite’s release.

Since then, there have been hundreds that you can buy from the Fortnite item shop. Memorable emotes and dances are the things that make Fortnite stand out among the crowd. The creativeness that goes into these emotes is plain to see and players absolutely adore them! But which are the best ones? In this article, we’ll be covering what we think are the best emotes that you should have in your inventory and why they’re considered the cream of the crop. So, if you’re looking for some emotes to further customize your character, then read!

1. Floss

Who could forget about (what’s presumably) the most well-known emote? We’re talking about one that became an overnight viral sensation thanks to famous superstars! The Floss dance is famous all over the world thanks to the “Backpack kid” that had a cameo on Katy Perry’s performance during the opening of the SNL season finale.

After that spectacle, the Floss quickly became a trend and was performed by everyone from dancers, social media influences, and various celebrities. The emote was released exclusively on the Season 2 Battle Pass, specifically when you reach tier 49 of the Battle Pass. Sadly, there’s no way to obtain this emote through the Fortnite item shop. Not only is this the rarest Fortnite emote out there, but it’s one of the best!

2. Infinite Dab

Remember when dabbing was a thing? The Infinite Dab emote is the perfect dance to do if you want to trash-talk your opponent or simply psyche them out. By looping an infinite number of dabs from side to side, you can gloat and flaunt your superiority over your hapless victims. It’s usually done after a player kills off an opponent as a way to mock them.

This is one of the most-bought emotes in Fortnite, and it’s not hard to get either. The Infinite Dab emote costs 500 V-Bucks and is normally on rotation in the shop. So, if you don’t have this emote already and you happen to stumble upon it at the right time in the item shop, then you’d best get it!

3. Orange Justice

Unlike other emotes that usually just pop in and out of Battle Passes and the shop, the Orange Emote actually has a story behind it. This emote came to life thanks to the ‘BoogieDown contest’ that Epic Games organized. The major prize of this contest is that your dance will be added to the game. During this time, a kid donning an orange shirt filmed himself dancing for the contest.

Although he didn’t win, the Fortnite community started a petition in which several famous YouTubers, including PewDiePie, signed it. After a thousand signatures of so, Epic Games finally caved in and turned the kid’s dream to reality; they made his dance an official emote. Players stated that “the orange kid finally got justice”, and, thus, the emote was christened Orange Justice. This emote is one of the more famous ones out there—thanks to the media coverage it got. The Orange Justice emote was released exclusively for the Season 4 Battle Pass.


And there you have it! Those are what we think are the best emotes ever released in Fortnite. Granted a lot of other popular emotes didn’t make the list, there’s just so many of them that it’s hard to choose a few over hundreds of them! No doubt there will be many more to come out either on the Battle Pass or Fortnite item shop in the future. What’s the best emote for you? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

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