Top 3 Best Living Room Design Trends In The World


In interior design, the living room is like the face of the entire house and its owner. However, decorating the living room is not easy. Especially in the living room with a large area, it is really not easy to choose the appropriate style. How to highlight the personality and keen eye of the homeowner is a problem that needs to be carefully calculated. Even you can own a living room of 100 square meters, but if the living room design is not careful, the living room will become as small as 10 square meters.

In this article, we will introduce you to the world’s top living room design trends. You can consult and make the right choice for your home.

Living room design in Minimalism style

Living room design in Minimalism style


Minimalism uses basic things and fewer details and minimizes the number of decorative items

The minimalism style was created by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) with a design that simplifies the architectural space but still has a subtle and attractive character. This style is very popular in Europe and America.

Minimalism, taking the main principle of “Less is More”, has created a new wave in fields such as fashion, music, architecture and especially interior design. It uses simple and sophisticated interior products to decorate the house, making the space spacious, airy and full of art.

Minimalism uses basic things and fewer details and minimizes the number of decorative items but still ensures harmony in the space. Living room furniture products such as tables and chairs, cabinets, or TV cabinets are always limited to the maximum extent.

The subtlety of this style is the use of natural lines, planes and shapes combined with natural light to open up a gentle, friendly space. The basic principle of Minimalism – Minimalism is to use no more than 4 colors for the same perspective, it is best to use only 3 colors: 1 background color, 1 main color and 1 accent color. In particular, Minimalism prioritizes the use of neutral, gentle colors and embellishes with a few opposing colors to create a unique feature for the space.

Minimalism in interior design makes the living space more spacious and airy. With the minimalist style, you will be able to decorate your home’s interior in a simple yet more sophisticated way than ever before.

Living room design in Classic style

Living room design in Classic style


The dominant colors of this style are gray, white or yellow tones or something more natural

If you want a luxurious living room, then the classic interior design style is really suitable. Classical style is a typical art school in the 17th to 19th centuries. The highlight of this school is symmetry; interior decoration also used high-quality materials to increase the value of products, bringing delicate beauty to attract the eye of the beholder.

The dominant colors of this style are gray, white or yellow tones or something more natural. These colors will accentuate the golden carvings making them even more gorgeous. From there, it exudes the arrogance and magnificence of the living room space. In addition, to avoid monotony, people use the most neutral colors, beige, brown, and dark brown, combined with blue and red tones to create a more modern harmony for the room.

To create a focal point for the living room when using a classic interior style, people will focus on the center of the room by using large objects such as a large heater, a large sofa or a great table. placed in the center of the room, or even a giant winding staircase or a large framed painting.

Other decorative items are also relatively sophisticated, highly artistic, and can be gilded to highlight the luxury and class of the room. The structural materials are also the highest quality materials, such as wood, granite, leather, felt. They are meticulously crafted to bring shine and elegance to the space.

Living room design in the Modernism style

Living room design in the Modernism style

Modern living room decoration is also very flexible in material selection

Contrasting with classical interior style, modern interior style uses quite simple principles. Using arrays and blocks to create interior space without many details, less cumbersome patterns, using less furniture. The space division is very scientific, creating ventilation for the room.

Not limited to neutral colors, modern style interiors are very versatile in color. You can choose from a variety of color tones such as red, blue, yellow, and orange. However, when planning color ideas for the living room, there is a note that you should choose a dominant and unified color in harmony with no distractions. Especially in the large living room, if the color is not harmonious, it is easy to make the living room space narrow and lack sophistication.

Modern living room decoration is also very flexible in material selection. It can be natural materials such as real leather, wood, stone, or man-made materials such as industrial leather, glass, and high-grade plastic. Diverse material sources will help you to shine freely. Make a difference in the space according to your own personality.

Decorative products such as sofas, tea tables, and living room lights are simplified in terms of lines, contrasting solid colors, and neatly arranged details. In particular, the light of modern living rooms is always outstanding, be it natural or artificial, but always arranged in a maximum way to enhance the elegance of the whole room space.

For living rooms with a large area, modern interior styles are an extremely smart solution because they are never outdated in design, and the variety in shapes and colors helps homeowners. Make a great personal impression.

Bottom line

Above are the top best interior styles for large living rooms popular today. Each style exudes its beauty and magnificence. Hopefully, you can choose for yourself a living room design with your own style to create a living room according to your preferences. If you want to learn more attractive interior design styles, follow us!



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