Top 3 Causes Of Road Accidents And How Easy It Is To Avoid Them


If you’re a frequent driver, chances are you’ve witnessed, been involved in or even suffered injuries in an accident on the road. Car accidents are an all too common occurrence in the United States; on average, one takes place every 10 seconds. This amounts to over 6 million per year. Despite strict safety regulations and regular campaigns, road incidents are a very difficult phenomenon to eradicate entirely.

Texting, exceeding speed limits or being inebriated are just some examples of habits and practices that result in thousands of human casualties, not to mention millions of dollars in annual damages and court settlements. We’ve brought to light the 3 most common causes of car accidents and included simple ways to prevent you from endangering your life or that of others.

Speeding and reckless drivers

Driving is an incredibly liberating experience. However, getting behind the wheel can inflate many people’s tastes for adventure and risk, particularly for owners of new flamboyant cars eager to show off and test the limits of their engines. Regardless of whether you’re a tranquil driver or an unconditional fan of horsepower, know that the road is no playground.

Unfortunately, many people injure themselves and others because they drive over the legal speed limits or engage in races on the highway. This is especially common in states like Florida and California, hotspots for spring break and other hip festivities. If you live in San Diego and have recently been involved in a car accident that resulted in severe or even minor injuries to you or your property, the legal team over at will be of great assistance to help with your case and get appropriate compensation for the damages and the trauma you’ve gone through. Everybody should call on reliable, seasoned lawyers to represent them in case they ever find themselves the victim of a careless driver.

Distracted driving

While they’re usually good things to decompress and entertain our natural curiosity, distractions are a driver’s worst enemy. As you’re going to work, to drop your kids off at school, or simply cruising around, you’ll encounter a million things that will momentarily capture your attention and take your mind off driving: a billboard, a storefront, an attractive passerby. Things happening in your own car can also distract you, such as:

  • A phone call or text – Perhaps the most common interference with people’s driving nowadays. Although it can seem harmless, answering your phone or replying to a message can occupy your mind to such an extent that you forget to keep your hands on the steering wheel. We’re seeing more and more people, especially the younger ones, causing accidents because they’re not able to put their smartphones aside. Be responsible and keep your phone out of sight; if you need to use it urgently, pull over to the side of the road.
  • Eating or drinking – With drive-through now available on every corner, consuming food and drinks is becoming an increasingly popular distraction among drivers. It’s never a good idea to eat and drive; a spilled drink or a stain on your shirt can quickly escalate and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Avoid consuming anything but water or chewing gum while driving to avoid unnecessary road incidents.
  • Conversing with passengers – It’s entirely natural to speak with whoever is with you inside the car. However, the conversation shouldn’t put you in such a state that you end up neglecting your driving. A heated argument can cause you to lose control, so keep your chats casual and ask your passengers to be quiet if need be. If not, stop the car and ask them to disembark.

Driving Under the Influence (DUIs)

Last but certainly not least, hopping in the driver’s seat while having consumed alcohol or narcotics is one of the most dangerous behaviors anyone could adopt. These substances can -and do- cloud your consciousness and alter your reflexes significantly, which is why sobriety in an indisputable requisite for driving any motorized vehicle. Failing to do so often results in prompt and fatal accidents. If you’re off to a party and know it’ll have booze and other stimulants, leave your car in the garage and take a cab or an Uber. Better safe than sorry.

All in all, road accidents are a traumatic experience for thousands of people across the nation – especially those who were lucky enough to survive them. More often than not, the causes of the crash could have easily been avoided had the driver paid more attention while maneuvering his vehicle or not succumbed to unnecessary distractions. With the help of this guide, you’ll know which reflexes adopt when getting behind the wheel and sparing yourself and others the tragedy of damages and casualties. In any case, be prepared to lawyer up.

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