Top 3 Marketing Trends and Technologies that can cause Remarkable Enhancement in your online business


Marketing gems know about so many tops most marketing strategies that their competitors are already using in their business. So after adopting those, we can gain enhancements, but all our efforts take us in a parallel position to our competitors. Social Networking, Viral Marketing, paid media advertising, internet marketing, email marketing, POP or point-to-purchase marketing, direct selling, affinity, co-branding and cause marketing, and conversational marketing, and so many other top trending are those that we know already and every marketer is following these strategies along with technologies.But Premium Dissertation UK writers and experts of marketing are going to discuss something different but also top trending marketing strategies and techniques that can give you and your business an extra point to be upgraded then your competitors. You can follow these for both B2C and B2B types of businesses.

Top 3 Marketing Trends and Technologies

Omni Channel Marketing

Omni Channel Marketing was included in one of the buzzwords of 2020, but marketers have not paid much attention to it, those who paid attention to this type are getting plus point out of it. This buzzword is now seeing as a little worn out, the strategy is as relevant and ripe as ever in 2021 and after this future, it is going to be the most useful magical trend in the marketing world.

But first, we need to understand that what is the basic meaning of this buzzword it is the process of online marketing on multiple platforms like blogs, emails, apps, and social media including the topmost Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and tumbler, etc. So, you would be able to connect on more touchpoints with prospects. When you apply Omnichannel marketing in the right direction and using the right ways, then you can offer cohesive brand messages and enhanced user experience that drives the users and people to action. To build an effective omnichannel marketing strategy you can use different messaging and customer engagement platforms like Reteno which can help to personalize your connections with customers in mobile apps and automate marketing campaigns via any channel (push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app messages, messengers etc).

Single-channel Marketing

For staying ahead, brands need to present a consistent and seamless message and voice to all available mediums, even including social media channels, catalogs, physical storefronts, online, and anywhere else that can be imagined. Following statistic review given by experts are showing that those brands that are using at least three or more channels are generating great results in an automation workflow:

  • The average order value is 13 percent and even more on Omnichannel as compared to a single-channel per order.
  • Purchase Frequency is higher (250%) on Omnichannel marketing as compared to single-channel marketing.
  • The engagement rate is varying from 18.96 percent in the Omnichannel to 5.4 percent in a single channel.
  • The customer retention rate is also higher (90 percent) for the Omnichannel as compared to a single one.

Users are now demanding to browse physical stores, and want personalization, they want to purchase and view products on social sites and blogs. And the point that you need to focus on is that if you do not keep up with the customers’ demands then someone else or might that your competitors will get that peak of business than yours.

Immersive Technologies and Augmented Reality (AR)

Premium Dissertation UK experts and of Gartner are predicting that by 2022 and 2023, at least 70 percent of enterprises and marketing gems will be using and experimenting with different immersive technologies, and the rest 25 percent will be deploying to production. We all are known for virtual reality or VR but it gets excited while using grand sci-fi ideas, as compared to VR, AR is best in implementation from a marketing point of view. Premium Dissertation UK experts are predicting that AR is continuously out placing VR according to marketing shares perspectives.

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