TOP-3 Popular Soviet Autos

The Soviet Union has long ceased to exist on the world map, but its legacy is still present in our lives. The good old Volga, Lada, ZIL, Chaika, and other brands of cars are still gathering dust in the garages of many motorists and connoisseurs of vintage cars. Thus, let’s make the TOP-3 most prestigious cars from the Soviet Union.

1. GAZ-13 “Chaika”

GAZ-13 “Chaika” was manufactured in various body modifications, including a sedan and a convertible. This model was not available for purchase on the domestic market, unlike in some Western countries.

Besides the political elite, the “Chaika” was also used by the KGB. The representatives of the Soviet ambassadors in East Germany, North Korea, Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia, and Finland also moved in these autos.

By the way, Fidel Castro received this GAZ-13 car as a gift from Nikita Khrushchev, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

GAZ-13 was produced at the GAZ automobile plant in Gorki (now, Nizhny Novgorod) and at the Riga Bus Plant in Riga (Latvia) from 1959 to 1981. During this time, 3179 cars were produced. Most of them were seven-seater four-door sedans. Rare models of the vehicle had convertible bodies. Still, some GAZ-13 vehicles were specially designed to serve as ambulances.

2. GAZ-24 “Volga”

After the “Chaika” we decided to include the car “Volga” in our rating. The auto was produced under the abbreviation GAZ-24. The car was first presented at the London Motor Show in 1970. This is another Russian car that has become recognizable around the world. Like the “Chaika”, the “Volga” was sold in many countries around the world, including such countries as Latin America and Indonesia.

On July 15, 1970, mass production of GAZ-24 “Volga” cars began. In addition to the Soviet Union, this vehicle was also assembled by the Scaldia company at a car factory in Belgium. Until the mid-1980s, the “Volga” was available for sale in many European countries with a diesel engine.

For most of its existence in the domestic market, this auto was not available to the mainstream civilian masses. At the same time, the “Volga” was the most popular taxi car in the Soviet states and in the GDR. It was economically profitable to use the GAZ-24 as a taxi. This car model was not only considered reliable but also was well-known for its maintainability and cost of maintenance.

3. “Lada” 2104/2105/2107

The third place in our rating goes to another legendary vehicle. We are talking about cars of the “Lada” brand, which were produced as VAZ-2104, VAZ-2105, and VAZ-2107.

These models of cars became known in many countries due to the direct export of new “Lada” autos abroad. This car family is one of the most popular ones around the world, including in Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Cuba.

The “Lada” auto brand appeared in 1966, when the AvtoVAZ company, under the leadership of the government, signed an agreement with the Italian Communist Party on the joint development of a new Soviet car. As a result, over the course of several years, AvtoVAZ managed to develop a VAZ-2101 car model based on the Italian classic Fiat 124. Some copies of the Zhiguli were produced for law enforcement agencies, including the KGB. These cars were equipped with a powerful 150 hp Wankel rotary engine.

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