Top 3 Sports to Bet On In India

India as a country is known for her obsessions and passions, and there are many of these. This is a country that has a huge diversity when it comes to the sampling of the citizens. However, there are still things that bind the citizens together in some areas. Now, one of the uniting factors, despite the huge class difference in the country, is sports. Some sporting activities are more popular than others in the country, and common-sense dictates that more people would prefer to bet on those sporting events. If you are looking for popular sports to bet on, provides a comprehensive guide on Indian sports betting.

It is good to note here that the most popular sport in the country is cricket. But ironically, hockey stands as the country’s national sports. Cricket has even been termed the religion of India because of how popular it is in the country and how obsessed people are about it. This popularity has been sustained by the fact that India performs creditably well in cricket events across the world, and that cricket matches are regularly televised and promoted by the biggest sporting channels in the country.

They’ve consistently been on the winning side of cricket events across the globe, including their World Cup Trophy of 1983 and the Champions Trophy of 2013. They’ve also managed to give the world some of the best cricket players. They include names like MS Dhoni, VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid, and Anil Kumbe. This is the first sports to bet on in India

Football on the other hand is the most popular sport in the entire world, and common-sense dictates that it would also be popular here. In India, this sport is also an enigma of sorts. Indians are mostly spectators rather than participants in football. That is why Sep Blatter at some point addressed the country as the ‘sleeping giant’ of football. They have their local league which they are working hard to make more popular by recruiting players from other parts of the world. However, Indians prefer to follow European club tournaments. Football is the second sports to bet on here

Now, while cricket has all the actions, hockey is the sport proclaimed as the national sport of the country. It is very surprising that it does not enjoy the level of publicity and popularity that cricket enjoys in the country. Many people say that the problem with hockey in India is only a revelation of the state of sports in the country. It reveals the neglect that other sporting events suffer. It is the third sporting activity to wager on here.

The country is estimated to spend about Rs 2-3 billion in betting every year, showing the boom that the betting industry in the country is witnessing. Of course, there is no special explanation to this other than the natural allure of sports. When life throws people some hard punches, sports have always been the go-to activity for easing off. Indians get the relaxation they need once they enjoy a good game of hockey or cricket, with coffee of tea, and some pieces of biscuits. The three best sports to bet on in the country are explained below.

Betting On Cricket

Now, anyone who knows India should know how they feel about cricket. Right from the time the sport was established about 300 years ago, this country of more than a billion people have had the sports close to her heart. Indians love this sport to the extent that people break their televisions, and protest against the players and the officials when their team loses. The cricket betting traffic in the country is very huge, and many people believe they know all about the sports. The most popular form of betting here is the mobile betting system. There are many websites where people can place their bets, with as one of the most popular. Here, you will see many bookmaker apps for cricket betting. This site also offers cash-outs, in-play betting, lots of promotions and bonuses, and information on the best way to wager. There are three major betting formats to use, and they include the T20 Cricket (20 Overs), International or Domestic Cricket (50 Overs), and State or Regional Domestic Cricket.

Betting On Football

Many people say that India has failed institutionally in football. This is because, when you look at the population here, compared to that of those that have won the world cup, and remember that India has never qualified for the world cup before, you shudder. Its ranking in the world of football at the moment is around 105. Online betting in India has some level of craze surrounding it. Because of this, most of the betting companies in the country have decided to make some of their wagers unique to the India market. The website where people can place their bets in India are so many, and they accept payments and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. All lovers of betting in India are advised to read and research about the teams and players before they wager, to avoid huge losses.

While cricket is the most popular sport here, punters wager on football more than they do on cricket here. This is because of the simplicity of football betting. In India, online bookmakers offer very extensive markets. Markets like goal scorer, correct score, match betting, halt time/full time, corner bets, handicaps and others are popular here.

Betting On Hockey

We’ve branded the state of hockey in the country as below par, even though it is the country’s national sports. However, it still has a lot of following, and many people wager on hockey events here. The sport also garnered some fanatical followers, as India continues to host some of the biggest hockey events in the world. Online betting on hockey is a very strong thing here, as it enjoys a lot of traffic too. However, because hockey is a low scoring game, the risk involved in betting on hockey is more than in many other sports. Because of this, the industry becomes even more lucrative. The prevalent types of bets available include the money line betting market, puck line betting, and others.

With these three, you will have enough betting tools in India. There are many sportsbooks offering bets on these. Most of them are localized, and there are enough markets to wager on.