Top 4 Currently Important Inventory Management Trends to Follow This Year

With the transition of many retailers to the online mode of operation, the competition is growing every hour. In this regard, many understand that something needs to be changed so that the influx of buyers does not decrease, but only increases. Someone arranges discounts, someone offers new arrivals of goods, and some understand that it is necessary to improve internal processes to speed up the work time in every possible way.

One such process that can be improved is online inventory management. Those who use modern digital technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other process optimization techniques are always in a winning position.

In this article, we will talk about the actual ways of managing inventory that you can take note of this year.

Demand Anticipation with Machine Learning

Stores quite often hold promotions or other events that attract a large number of buyers. However, retailers are often faced with the fact that they either have too much stock or too little in stock and cannot meet the needs of their customers. This results in an obvious problem, but it can be solved using machine learning.

All you have to do is show the system what is the optimal quantity of goods so that you don’t run into an oversupply or shortage of goods. You can upload information about previous promotions so that the system can learn and make predictions for the future.

You can also pay attention to supply chain inventory optimization management, which is based on the use of artificial intelligence. You will be able to make a prognosis for the demand for goods, reduce lead times, and avoid shortages of goods.

Demand Anticipation with Machine Learning

Cloud Solutions

Every salesperson understands that having accurate information about how many items are in the warehouse is very beneficial. So, if you don’t get such information, then you have the opportunity to use cloud technologies to do this. With this, you can shift the responsibility of processing information to this technology, which can analyze data in real-time and provide up-to-date information on the number of reserves.

With accurate and detailed information, you can quickly respond to any problems. More precisely, you will be able to avoid any problems at all, because wherever you are, you will be able to view information and make decisions.

Omnichannel Inventory Control

Now customers can make purchases both online and in stores. For example, the following situation happens quite often. The buyer can view the catalog of goods on the store’s website, select the desired product, make sure that this product is in the nearest store, find out the price, and then go to the store and find that the product is either out of stock or the price is too high.

This combination of circumstances can greatly upset your customers. In this regard, it is critically important for you to establish omnichannel inventory control. The bottom line is to establish the interaction of internal processes, such as coordinating the actions of each network store, distribution centers, and e-commerce. Only in this case will you be able to establish a relationship between physical stores and information on the site online.

Qualitative Analytics

Qualitative Analytics

Information is power. Even if you do not understand now how useful any information related to your work can be, then start collecting all the data now. Understanding the value of all data can help you design more customer-centric business models, improve service quality, and reduce costs.

For example, if we talk about promotions, then you should accumulate information about each event. You should collect data such as the mechanics of the event, the discount percentage, as well as the number of sales for each event held. Thus, you can define current trends and make a prognosis for the future based on them.


Only by developing and introducing new methods and technologies, you can be ahead of your competitors. One of the things that could be improved is inventory management. The aforementioned trending methods will help bring about effective change.