Top 4 Games From Japan


Over the last few years, Japanese developers have produced a huge number of games. They are really good at developing games, check some of the best 80s arcade games, and be amazed. However,  there are also a few games that did not gain much favorable reviews from the public. But no matter their quality, Japanese games have had a huge impact on the gaming industry. Marked with creativity and originality, they’re not your typical kind of game.  They are great for the retro video game buyer as well.  . If you want to know a little bit more about this topic, then here’s a list of some of the best games ever released from Japan:

1. Space Invaders

We can’t have a list of the top games from Japan without including Space Invaders. This game defined Japanese gaming for generations. Space Invaders was originally released in arcades in 1978. Since then it has gone on to become one of the most successful arcade games of all time, and it’s also one of the longest-running video game franchises in the world.

In the game of Space Invaders, players have to use their skills to move a spaceship from side to side whilst defeating descending enemies including fires, aliens, and spacecraft. You have to try and defeat four rows of seven aliens as quickly as possible before they destroy your cannon. Each successful shot earns you points.

2. Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is not only one of the best video games ever produced, but it’s also one of the most important creative works produced in the last 40 years.

This game was developed and published by Nintendo in 1985. In the game, players have to control a character (called Mario) as they travel through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue the Princess. They have to use their skills and knowledge to avoid hazards along the way, such as pits and enemies.

Super Mario Bros is constantly cited as one of the best video games ever produced, and it’s also cited as one of the key factors in reviving the video games industry after the 1983 crash. The game began a multimedia franchise, including an animated television series, a long-running game series and a feature film.

3.  TCG Fire Emblem Cipher

Another brilliant game is the Fire Emblem Cipher cards from Japan (otherwise known as Fire Emblem 0). In this card game, players take it in turns to battle their main characters. They select one card from within their deck and attempt to defeat their opponent’s card by destroying their five orbs (or lives). Once all of the orbs have been destroyed, their opponent is defeated.

While the TCG Fire Emblem Cipher is no longer in production, these cards can still be found online. This game is extremely popular with children and adults around the world. Not only is it fun to play, but it’s also educational too.


Pokémon is a Japanese media franchise run by the Pokémon Company. This game was originally created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri. Since its release, Pokémon has gone on to become the highest grossing media franchise of all-times.

In the game, players catch, train, trade and battle small creatures called “Pokémon”. The aim of the game is to catch as many Pokémon as you can. There are a number of different Pokémon games for players to choose from. The original version was fairly basic but each successive generation has introduced new items, new Pokémon to catch, and new gameplay concepts, meaning this game never gets boring to play.

The Pokémon game was originally only available on the handheld Gameboy but is now available on a range of devices including the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. There is even a mobile phone version available called Pokémon Go.  And of course there was the rise of video game consoles in the 80s as well.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the most popular arcade game being released from Japan. From Pokémon to Space Invaders, there are games suitable for all ages, abilities and tastes. Which Japanese game would you add to this list?

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