Top 4 Meat Products That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Everyone loves meat (except for vegetarians who pretend they don’t!), and these days we are blessed with some truly delicious meat products. From chewy beef jerky to smooth, creamy pate, there is the perfect meaty treat for every enthusiastic carnivore. Meat is being used in more and more ingenious ways so that whatever your meat of choice, you are sure to find something a little special. 

In this article, we will present the top 4 meat products that will make your mouth water.

  • Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a meat product that’s been processed, seasoned, cured, and then cooked or dried to create the ultimate chewy treat! Drying and curing meat is one of the oldest ways to preserve meat and it’s been around for thousands of years. Beef jerky is typically made from low-fat cuts of meat or cuts that have had the fat trimmed. These days there are so many different varieties and flavors of beef jerky available from sweet chipotle to teriyaki and you can find more info here about some of the delicious jerky products on the market. Beef jerky is great because you can take it with you anywhere and enjoy it on the go. There are some fantastic beef jerky gift sets for the jerky lover in your life that will go down an absolute treat for any special occasion.

  • Scotch Egg

The scotch egg is the ultimate traditional meat snack. The history of the scotch egg is hotly disputed, but it is universally agreed that it originated somewhere in England in the 19th Century. A scotch egg is composed of a perfect soft boiled egg, lovingly wrapped in breaded sausage meat, to create a perfect sphere of meaty, eggy goodness. 

Scotch eggs are commonly served as a cold snack at picnics or as part of a traditional working British farmer or worker’s lunch. Recently, however, scotch eggs have become a regular feature on fine dining menus and there has been a popular trend of high-end restaurants serving their own versions of the classic scotch egg with a runny yolk and specially spiced sausage.

  • Brussels Paté

In the interest of creating a list for everyone, we thought we would follow up the cool jerky and traditional scotch egg with something a bit fancy. Paté is a delicacy that traces its origins back to the medieval times in Europe. The main ingredient of the paté is ground up liver, which is then flavored with herbs, spices, and different parts of the animal. There are so many varieties of paté and terrine, which is a less refined version of paté, but the most famous and luxurious has to be Brussels Paté. 

Brussels paté is traditionally made from pork liver with brandy and has been a favorite in Western Europe for hundreds of years. Despite its name, Brussels Paté is actually made in France and true paté connoisseurs can always tell the difference. This classic meat spread can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to meat, as a spread for crackers or rustic bread, or as an appetizer in its own right. These days there are far too many plastic imitations of genuine Brussels Paté so make sure that you buy the real deal.

  • Bacon Lip Balm

To finish our list, we decided to go with a meat product that comes straight out of the left field. Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of bacon products, but the one that really got our mouths watering was a bacon lip balm. This Nobel Prize-worthy innovation which combines all the wonderful benefits of lip balm with all the baconesque benefits of bacon is literally a wonder of the modern world. 

Bacon lip balms are specially formulated to keep your lips moist and prevent common lip problems like chapped lips, dry skin, and cold sores. Especially in the winter months when the air is particularly dry, lip balm is an absolutely essential product. But if you are going to have to use lip balm, why accept the boring old lemon, honey or menthol flavors. Bacon flavored lip balms can take gentle care of your lips, but rather than tasting like fruit or plants, tastes like salty, meaty delicious bacon. There are so many different bacon lip balm options available online so do a little homework and find the most delicious one.

There is nothing better than a meaty treat to get the mouth-watering and fill the belly of a certified carnivore. Whilst there is a growing movement towards meat-free diets, the carnivore resistance is as strong as ever. These days, there are so many delicious meat products that you can fulfill your meat craving any time of the day, no matter where you are.