Top 4 Soulful Telugu Songs to Comfort Your Lockdown Aloneness


In the COVID-19 situation, we already faced dramatic problems, and almost all day, we live in our own home that is so much suffocating. With the internet’s help, we are surfing the internet, watching movies, reading books, and many more things that we are passed. But these things are not able to remove our loneliness. Here we attached the top 4 Telugu movie songs that can remove your pain and perfect your loneliness.

So now we will explore the best Telugu soulful songs that you need to listen.

1. Oopiri Aguthunnadhey

Now we are presenting the most soulful Telugu movie song that is suitable for your lockdown loneliness. It is the best soulful song available on the naa songs site, and you can download it without any fee. The song is from the Arjun Reddy Telugu movie, which was a successful box office hit movie.

Vijay Devarakonda and Shalini Pandey were cast in the song and movie as leading actors. Radhan was the music director of the song, which has crossed nearly 12 million views on Youtube. The singer of the song was Revanth which lyrics writer was Rambabu Gosala. So listen to this song and clarify about the song is suit or not.

2. Yemainado

We are also offering the 2nd most viewed Telugu movie song, a soulful Telugu movie song from Mr. Majnu Telugu movie. The song’s movie was one of the best romantic type movies in which the song’s singer was Armaan Malik.

Sri Mani was the lyrics writer of the song which music director was Thaman S, and this song will be the perfect song for listening to lockdown situations. So download and enjoy the song with your beloved one. Because telugu songs download become so much easy.

3. Eppudaina

If you wanted to know about the best Telugu song, it would be the perfect Telugu song suitable for your lockdown loneliness. Even the song is the best song from the movie Mahanubhavudu. The song of the movie is the best heart touching song that anyone can love.

Shweta Pandit sang this song which lyrics writer was Sirivennela and Seetharama Sastry. And the song is also extra vocal by Rita. And the song is already gained 5 million views from Youtube. If once listen to this song it will be very suitable for when you feel very lonely.

4. Neram Nadha

Finally, here we reached the last song of this article: Neram Nadha and the song is composed of the movie name Kala Varam Aaye. The song has already enlisted as the sad song for feeling very lonely. Pradeep Kumar was the singer of the song which lyrics writer was Hemanth Sivalenka./ After the release of the song, it gains 11k views from Youtube.

Concluding Remarks:

According to Telugu movie songs’ attachment, we can easily say offer that listens to those mentioned songs. I hope all of the songs I provide in the article are the best songs perfect for your lockdown loneliness. So listen to those mentioned songs and throw your opinion in the comment section.

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