Top 4 Violin Originals of 2021

Violins have been the favorites of many people for centuries. Not only due to their entertainment value but also for their adaptability to many genres of music. Violins have been evolving for centuries, but the original violin sound is still recognizable.

Many people continue to fall in love with this elegant wooden instrument as it gives them a chance to try new and innovative ways of practicing and performing music. The most popular violin singles out to day are very different from the Bach and Mozart hits of the past, so let’s explore today’s top 4 violin originals that are worth listening to in 2021.

1. Lindsey Stirling – League of Legends: Wild Rift

Lindsey Stirling has risen despite the earlier rejection from the music industry. Lindsey’s song League of Legends evokes many feelings due to so many familiar themes incorporated from previous works in her catalogue.

Both the song and its video are intriguing to violin fans. What’s more, Lindsey uses her abilities and the signature violin to add some great beats to the music. Stirling’s incredible ability to play the violin and the fiddle spices the song up.

2. Asher Laub – A Brighter Day Ahead

Asher Laub is another great violinist who has shown great power in resilience. In his music, A Brighter Day Ahead, he demonstrates the ability to overcome life’s setbacks. A Brighter Day Ahead is a song that evokes the listener’s feelings and imagination.

Asher’s creativity in the song brings out a precise picture of determination. In addition to the team’s outstanding performance behind the instruments, the song is a lesson for a lifetime. Watching the music video delivers not only a pensive and sorrowful mood but a happy ending as well.

3. Matt Gudakov – Cinema Paradiso: Love Theme

Love Theme violin music from the Cinema Paradise is an incredible piece. The piece is a classical masterpiece, especially when done by the legend himself. Matt Gudakov is not just a violinist but a music teacher as well.

That makes it easier for him to bring out the best of any music from the experience and the expertise.

4. Karolina Protsenko – Believer

Karolina Protsenko is a talented young girl who has mastered the art of playing violin magically. You cannot help but fall in love with her exceptional skills at such a young age. Her street performance of the Believer song has set her into a star that’s loved by many.

She plays the violin effortlessly and with ease of movement to produce a sweet melody. She is an excellent player in the making. You can only fall in love with her incredible talent.

Final Thoughts!

Violin music takes us into another world. And when it comes to originals, we cannot expect anything other than top-quality. It doesn’t just relax us but it is also therapeutic and enlightening.

Even if violin music has been around for a long time, it’s still as melodic and satisfying to the soul as it used to be. It’s one of the music pieces that has grown with time. With many upcoming stars like Karolina embracing the violin, we can expect to see many violin originals in the years to come.