Top 4 Ways to Boost Engagement in a Remote Workplace

Remote work has become more common than ever, and more and more companies are offering their employees the choice of working flexible hours. With many advantages linked to remote work, it is no wonder it is being offered to talented workers. Remote work is associated with increased job satisfaction levels, reduced turnover, and high productivity among employees. Although there are many potential benefits, employers need to find ways to keep remote employees engaged if they want to reap the rewards. Here are a few effective ways to boost engagement in a remote workplace.

Meet the Team

One of the most fundamental ways you can boost engagement is by introducing new employees to the team. Whether they work full time or contribute a couple of hours per week, meeting their peers and colleagues can help them feel like part of the team early on. It will also help them establish strong relations with the people they will contact regularly. In turn, they will be more comfortable airing their opinions and voicing any concerns they may have. Although face-to-face meetings are ideal, it isn’t always possible in a remote workplace. Instead, set up virtual meetings and encourage everyone to interact ‘in’ and outside of work.

Give Them the Tools to Succeed

To nourish a thriving remote workplace, you need the right tools. A suitable platform with tools designed for collaborative work is a great place to begin. For example, Google Workspace is fantastic for collaboration. It features tools like Google Workspace reporting for employees to create and share documents with one another and incorporates spreadsheet and presentation software. Whichever platform you use for your business, just make sure every remote employee understands how to navigate it and make the most of the tools.

Modern Intranet Software

When it comes to remote teams, communication can be tricky, which is why it is essential you have an efficient communication app in place. Employee communication apps, like those provided by Simpplr, such as a modern intranet, enable staff from different departments, offices, and locations to communicate freely. Employees can access and share information, document, organize and store files, and speak to each other easily and transparently. This is essential when employees cannot easily access a physical office.

Give Them the Choice to Work in an Office

For some, remote work is all about skipping out on the daily commute and not needing to go to a physical office. In reality, many remote workers find working outside of the office a challenge if they don’t have a dedicated workspace. When working from home, employees might find many distractions that prevent them from giving their job their all, while freelancers who move around a lot might appreciate the amenities an office offers. As an employer, you can offer them the choice to work in a co-working office close to their base. Co-working spaces can be found all over the world and are often equipped with high-quality amenities and fantastic facilities. They can help your workers stay engaged and productive.