Top 5 Benefits of a Recreational Pop up Tent


Recreational pop up tents can be a valuable addition to your tent inventory. Whether planning to host a sporting event or other recreational activities, getting a pop up canopy is a surefire way to enhance the overall outdoor experience.

From hosting a kid’s soccer, basketball, or any other game to planning all kinds of fun and leisure activities like setting up a barbecue in a park or backyard of your home, recreational pop up canopy tents are indeed a low-cost success recipe for any outdoor event.

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1. Capture the Attention

If you are at a sporting event like a marathon, football match, or any other game to support a team, a branded pop up tent can help highlight your team’s spirit and attract the other supporters to your tent. A printed event tent can help increase public awareness about your team for those who don’t know about the team yet.

Recreational events are also a great way to sell your products or services and generate business through impulse purchases. Once you have the attention of the people around you, use this opportunity to introduce your product or service to new customers.

You can also consider adding tent accessories like pop up banners and signage to your custom outdoor event tent to ensure a welcoming feel. You can also customize your canopy tent with branded table covers and display banners to engage the visitors.

2. Protection from Bad Weather

When you host an outdoor sporting event, you want to keep players and spectators comfortable and protected. However, bad weather, including extreme heat, rain, or gusty winds, can come without notice. In such cases, a recreational pop up tent can mean the difference between an event taking place or getting abandoned!

A pop up tent can provide shade and shelter to the attendees, athletes, and coaching staff while protecting them from harsh weather. During winter, it can help them stay warm and comfortable. In summer, it protects the audience from experiencing heat stroke or heat exhaustion by providing a shaded space to watch and enjoy the game.

What’s more, these pop up tents can be used with half- or full-sidewalls to block the harsh weather elements, including wind and rain. Doing this allows you to add food, chairs, and sound equipment for the attendees.

3. Wide Range of Customization Options

A custom printed event tent at a recreational or sporting event will not help your staff and spectators stay sheltered but also well-represented. You can choose to custom print the roof and sidewalls of your custom outdoor event tent with high-quality graphics, including the company logo, slogans, or eye-catching images to increase brand visibility and recognition at outdoor events.

You can also choose your preferred tent size depending on the number of people you want to accommodate and customize your event tent in bright or bold colors to increase visibility from a distance. It makes reaching your tent or booth easier for customers or visitors.

4. Strong yet Affordable

Not all recreational pop up tents are created equal. But those from a reputed manufacturer boast rugged construction, typically with a solid steel frame, truss bars, and sturdy footplates. Therefore, you can use these unique and functional temporary structures for outdoor school activities, weddings, fairs, festivals, etc.

While the durability and strength of your custom printed event tent are crucial, affordability is also important. Pop up tents have become immensely popular in recent years as they provide a reliable temporary shelter for outdoor recreational activities without spending a fortune.

5. Simple Set-up and Portability

Time is premium when hosting or participating in an event – recreational or business. Thankfully, the standard four-pole design of a recreational pop up tent offers lightning-fast set-up and takedown. All you need to do is unpack the tent, release the straps, and watch it pop up. With the help of a crew member, you can set up your tent in a matter of minutes.

If you want to spend some downtime with friends, you can engage in outdoor recreational activities like weekend camping, hiking, or beach trips. In addition to a simple and quick set-up process, a recreational pop up tent comes with a lightweight and foldable design that allows for easy storage and transport in the trunk of a car. The easy portability of a pop up tent also helps if you have to travel back-to-back from one location to another to host events in different cities.

Final Thoughts

With so many benefits over traditional tents, recreational pop up tents are an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys time outdoors. Whether or not sports are your thing, a well-equipped recreational outdoor tent is still a great way to host a successful and exciting event and make memories with your favorite people so you can cherish them for years to come.



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