Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions


Figuring out how to protect your company’s day-to-day files and sensitive information can be a major headache.

In the past the only option was to set up your own server bank, hire techs to run it, and try and encourage proper file management in your employees. Thankfully those days are long gone now.

Cloud storage solutions offer better service at a cheaper price than doing it on your own.

Keep reading to find the 5 top reasons you should consider switching your business to a cloud services provider.

1. Incredibly Convenient

One of the reasons many business owners choose to move from local storage to the cloud is the convenience factor. Cloud storage allows you to move all your critical files and records to an off-site location with the touch of a button.

Most cloud services providers offer several different automatic methods to do this. Instead of having to constantly remember to back up files you can rest easy knowing they’re being uploaded as you go.

Cloud storage also eliminates the need to operate and maintain servers. That’s a whole segment of your business that becomes a service rather than a department. This helps free up your employees for more important tasks. Most importantly, this keeps your workforce becoming more agile especially if you adapt a multi cloud strategy. It furthers quick and reliable transfer of information within the organization and the application of multi cloud cost management tools even optimizes the whole cloud computing processes.

2. Mobility

Before cloud services really started to take off, working outside the office was complicated and difficult. There was always an element of risk in letting sensitive files off company property.

Cloud services and storage have made that a thing of the past. Now your employees can work from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device. This allows you to seamlessly transfer what you’re working on from your office desktop to your laptop to your smartphone.

You can also access critical files securely wherever you are.

3. Instantly Scalable

In the past scaling up your IT capabilities was difficult and expensive. You needed a significant lead up time and would have to buy new servers and storage systems, and hire technicians to run them.

With cloud based storage scaling up your capabilities is as easy as changing your membership plan. This is especially helpful for businesses with seasonal changes in demand. You can up your storage and services for the busy season then save money during the slow periods.

4. Top of the Line Security

When you operate your own storage system and server banks security falls entirely on you. Even with excellent analysts and an ample budget it’s easy to miss something and end up with an expensive and embarrassing breach.

There are more threats out there than ever before. With cloud services you can outsource the security of your files and networks. Instead of one company’s worth of security personnel any potential attacker has to deal with industry-leading cybersecurity experts and a massive amount of security features.

That doesn’t even cover the physical security cloud providers have in place. Cloud service providers maintain vast server farms. This allows them to lock down their servers in ways not possible to most small and medium size businesses.

Think reinforced doors, top of the line fire suppression systems, and 24/7 on-site security.

5. Significant Cost Savings

Last but definitely not least, we have to talk about the cost savings of cloud services. Everything we mentioned above costs you money if you have to do it yourself.

By switching to a cloud storage solution you’re able to reduce the physical equipment you need, lower your employee costs, and improve productivity. That’s just the direct savings you’ll see. If you can find the storage options you need from Amazon then look at Amazon redshift pricing so you can see the options they have that will save you money. You won’t need to worry about the server set up at all because the provider does that.

Cloud providers purchase their servers and storage drives in massive quantities. They set them up in vast server farms located in highly secure areas. This lets them achieve economies of scale impossible for anyone else.

This allows them to offer highly competitive services at a price you have to see to believe. Not only is cloud storage more convenient, secure, and mobile, it’s also cheaper than doing it yourself.

Find the Best Solution for Your Business

As these points have illustrated cloud storage offers a lot of benefits to your business. It’s leaner, faster, easier to use and costs less than actually running your own servers.

You get all the benefits of the service providers infrastructure while still spending less than you would on your own systems.


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