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Top 5 Best and Beautiful Places to Visit in St.Barts

St.Barts is one of the most popular destinations in North America. The traditional name of St. Barths is Saint Barthelemy, and it is the only French-speaking Caribbean island. If you are looking to book an exquisite place then you should consider Amelia Island vacation rentals to have a wonderful experience.

This Gorgeous place is known for its amazing white sand beaches, excellent scuba diving spots, snorkeling, and more. The blond sand beaches are the main attraction in st.barts. Apart from that, you can see rolling green hills, sprawls and so on throughout the Quaint coastal corridor.

Backpackers always love to visit St.barths for their vacations. I still remember my splendid St. Barts vacation. I’did enjoy a lot on that trip by exploring beautiful places and by doing lots of fun activities such as kitesurfing, fishing, Sailing and so on.

If you love water activities like snorkel, Kayaking, Scuba diving activities mean you will love this place. As it is covered with a wide range of beaches, you will enjoy every movement over there.

If you are a newbie to st.barts and want to explore most beautiful places in your st.barts vacation means check out this post. In this post, I covered all the fantastic places you should have a glance at your St.barts trip.

So, let’s dive into the list of Best and Beautiful places to visit in St.Barts.

Beautiful Saline Beach

1. Beautiful Saline Beach (Anse De Grande Saline):

The saline beach is one of the top-rated beaches to visit in St. Barts. This beautiful beach runs through the island’s southern coast it is called as Grand Saline or Saline Beach. You can enjoy a lot in this beach because it has vast stretches of sand and sea where you can quickly take a sunbath. This is often referred to as the best beaches in the Caribbean islands.

This place is fantastic for the couples, as you can have lots of fun in this small and calmest island. You can walk up and over the hill to simple reach the beautiful cove. As you reach the inlet, you can spend some time over there and return to the small and eye-catching sand-dunes, water beckons and so on. In this area, you can also find shades of turquoise, teal and more sea creatures as well.

The weather of St. Bart’s is perfect for sunbathing, but if you want some shade, then you should probably bring your umbrellas as you will find no shadows or trees near the beach. If you’re going to surf in the water means you should enjoy that in Saline Beach.

2. Gustavia — Harbor Town:

The Gustavia is another place you have to visit in St.barte. Gustavia is a red-roofed capital of the st.barts and is one of the best places to explore and shop for some stuff like boutiques, art galleries, traditional chains, pearl stones and more. Apart from that, you can check out the crowded cruise ships to enjoy the cruise ride.

In Gustavia you will find delicious and mouthwatering dishes to eat. So, explore the best restaurants over there to eat stomach fully. You can even try to taste different street food; if you want to try French cuisine, then you can even get that as well in Gustavia. Most of the Gustavia town around the harbor is wrapped in U-shape. You can find some yacht’s and fishing boats in the harbor, so take a ride and enjoy exploring the real beauty over there in Gustavia.

To get awesome photos you have to visit the fort Gustava as it is the fort built during the Swedish period. So you can find Swedish architecture over there and also see some best places to take proper and traditional selfies. If you want to explore more then head over to the hilltop of the vistas shell beach where you can find the walls of the fort Karl. While seeing these, you can get an idea about the history of the Gustavia.

3. St. Jean Beach Town:

If you want to see the special places in St.barts, then St.jean beach town is a special place. It is located in the heart of the St.barts island, although it is a tiny village it covers every interest of the tourist. You can quickly find the best seafood restaurants and shopping malls in the st.jean town. If you are curious to see the best fashion dress means you can check out boutiques as well.

This place is filled with luxury villas and hillside places for backpackers. Along with that, the island’s airport is very near to the St.jean town. But it isn’t a big airport you will only find small aircraft accommodated there that too during daylight. You can’t find any flights in the evening hours in that location.

Enjoy your tour at the St. Jean’s Bay beach by having delicious food  & wine. Along with that, you can enjoy water activities such as swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving in the coral reef. You can even rent and go on a ride with windsurfers, surfboards and other beach stuff.

4. Prettiest Flamands Beach:

Flamands beach is also known as Anse Des Flamands, and it is the most extensive and prettiest beach in the St.barts. Here you will find out the fishermen who often cast their nets in this beach. As this is the most extensive beach, you can do all water sporting activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing and so on. If you are surfer means you will face some problem because this beach is one of the calmest beaches, but you don’t have to worry because you will get waves whenever there is enough wind in Flamands.

Here you can enjoy sunbathing, and at the same time, you can even find the shades or bring your own beach umbrella. So, you don’t need to carry an umbrella for this location. You can find some exciting hotels and luxurious villas in the flamands beach.

5. Soft white sand Gouverneur Beach  (Anse du Gouverneur):

Gouverneur beach is another beach location you have to explore in St.barts. This is located on the island’s south shore, and it is backed up by the beauty of green hills and white sands. If you want to explore soft white sand beaches in st.barts, then this is the perfect place for you. Although this beach has good attractions, but it seems to be more private. You can enjoy same as other beaches over here.

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