Top 5 Books, which will help get Become Better at Studying

Every student needs to indulge in books about learning. These are special books that give us knowledge on how to improve our studying. Since you’re in college to study, it goes without saying that these books are must-haves.

With the right set of books, you realize that learning something new can be quite fun. After all, learning is not something we do in school alone. You’re always on a learning journey whether you’re in freshman year or you’ve just graduated.

Learning allows you to stay ahead and competitive. You’ll be better positioned to take advantage of opportunities that come your way. It’s good to feed your mind because this ensures that you can be a better person in the future.

Us Essay Writers prepared top 5 books you should consider buying and why. And check out the following link for our best book recommendations.

1. Accelerated Learning Techniques for Students: Learn More in Less Time! By Joe McCullough

If you want to find out the secret behind effective learning, then you should purchase this book. It offers all the knowledge a student needs to master whatever skill they put their mind to. This is a book that promises so much in the shortest time possible.

You’ll get actionable tips for better communication and processing of new information. If you’ve been struggling with remembering something you just studied, this book is for you.

McCullough has shared several ways of boosting your thinking skills in this amazing book. Some of the things this book will help you with include;

  • Understand what factors deter you from effective learning
  • How to manage your mental and physical energies
  • Developing note-taking techniques that work for you

2. Make it Stick by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A. MacDaniel

This book talks about the latest research on learning and according to the author’s learning is a skill that everyone can learn. Two of this book’s authors are actually a cognitive scientist who studies how people learn and retain information for a living.

These two teamed up with, Peter C. Brown, a writer by trade, to coin a comprehensive write up on why you can learn anything on the face of the earth.

Some of the concrete learning strategy this book helps you understand include;

  • Repetition
  • Retrieval
  • Interleaving
  • Elaboration
  • Calibration
  • Generation
  • Maintaining a growth mindset

3. Novice to Expert: 6 Steps to Learn Anything, Increase your Knowledge, and Master New Skills by Steve Scott

If you are having trouble tapping into your passions, you should read this book. It’s a great eye-opener that strives to help you understand yourself more. Through the knowledge you’ll get from this book, you’ll be in a position to meet like-minded individuals and share what you’ve learnt with them.

4. Learn to Read with great speed: How to Take your reading Skills to the Next Level and Beyond by Michal Stawicki

At number four, is a book that teaches you how to read with great speed. Who thought this would be possible! If you’ve always struggled with reading slowly, there is hope for you.

The best thing is, it’s a thin volume that you’ll be able to finish in no time. Michal Stawicki goes straight to the point, and he provides concrete examples you can relate with.

You’ll get speed reading strategies that you can easily implement with practice. You can be assured that the results will be immediate if you follow his guideline.

Michal Stawicki thought ahead and covered the challenges you’ll face when speed reading. He has outlined the best ways to cover these challenges to ensure you have a smooth reading experience.

5. The Learning habit: A Groundbreaking Approach to Homework and Parenting that Helps Our Children succeed in School Life by Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman, Rebecca Jackson, and Robert Pressman

As a parent, you’ll need assistance every now and then. This book is the perfect companion for any parents who want insights on how to support their kids as they grow older. As you know, this generation has its fair share of challenges, and your kids will need you to hold their hand.


Reading helps you expand your thinking capacity. Getting books that expound on learning gives you the knowledge to tackle any challenge that comes your way. These five books help you to figure out where the problem lies and how to solve it.