Top 5 Canadian Wines


In any wine section of a liquor store, you’re met with various wines from around the world. Since countries like Italy, France, and Spain are considered to produce the best wine in the world, many hastily purchase them without giving wines from other countries a chance.

Yet, many would be surprised by what some countries offer for wine – notably, Canada.

The great white north has plenty of high-quality wines that delight your senses. Any fine wines you want to add as a luxurious centrepiece for your gift baskets will not disappoint with these top five Canadian wines!

#1 – Arterra, Epoca 2018

This lovely red wine hails from the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario. If you’re a merlot fan, this wine won’t disappoint since it’s 100% merlot with no added grape varieties. However, just because it has a particular grape doesn’t mean this wine isn’t rich with vibrant flavours. This wine delivers a feast of various flavours that blend well together for a taste like no other. One unique note you can taste from this wine is buttered toast. You can expect other distinct flavours such as fruits, spices, and even hints of cedar and leather.

#2 – Bartier Bros., Sémillon 2019

Not into red wine? No worries! This crystalline white wine will bring an unexpected vibrancy and intrigue despite its dryness. As a still sémillon wine, the prominent taste you will get from this is fresh lime, green apple, and a steely minerality that would pair perfectly with any seafood dish. Not surprising that this wine is best enjoyed with seafood since it’s produced in beautiful British Columbia in Okanagan Valley, which is a couple of hours away from the Pacific Ocean. Also, you may be surprised to find notes of green olive and olive oil in this wine.

#3 – Black Hills Estate Winery, Chardonnay 2018

You can expect another lovely white wine to enjoy from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Instead of a sémillon, the grape from this wine is 100% Chardonnay that thrives under British Columbia’s climate despite its origins in eastern France. This wine delivers unique tropical tones such as juicy mango and even the taste of a kumquat that’s unlike any fruity wine you have tasted. You can see the region’s influence as this wine promises to be a lovely summertime delight!

#4 – Clos du Soleil, Capella 2019

This still white wine’s unique blend has the best of both worlds. British Columbia’s Similkameen Valley has lovingly produced a wine that combines two great grape varieties. This wine is composed mainly of sauvignon blanc (83%) and a bit of sémillon (17%). The combinations bring a host of tastes by emulating the feel of biting into a green apple and the tartness of fresh lemon. This dry wine’s flavour isn’t the only noteworthy feature. A mere whiff of this wine’s aroma will enhance your wine-tasting experience as it wafts in the smell of ginger and vanilla. Truly an exquisite and captivating wine from Canada!

#5 – Flat Rock Cellars, Pinot Noir 2019

If you’re looking to find another red wine to try out, see if this one will happen to tickle your fancy. From Twenty Mile Bench, Ontario, this wine is wholly produced from a 100% pinot noir grape. The red lushness of this wine is attributed to its key flavours: red berry, cherry, strawberry, plum and spice. Pinot noir typically can pair well with a wide range of food for the most part. Yet, this pinot noir’s unique blend of sultry fruits perfectly pairs with salmon, other fatty fish, and roasted chicken or pasta dishes. The next time you have salmon for a meal, you don’t need to worry about forcing yourself to choose a white wine pairing. Instead, you can enjoy a delectable glass of red wine with this one!

Canada might not seem like a big name when it comes to wine but there are many amazing wine tours you can take in Canada. However, based on what they have produced so far, they have leaned into their region’s strengths alongside their expertise to create some wholly unique wine tastes. Based on the top five wines in Canada, the provinces that are the biggest players in the wine world are British Columbia and Ontario. West of Canada in British Columbia, it seems this province’s main specialty is inspired by the nearby Pacific Ocean. It makes sense they would produce wholly white wines since they typically pair well with seafood, which is abundant in that region. Meanwhile, east of Canada in Ontario, you can expect only the best of red wines. So, if you plan to try out some wines from Canada, you can start by trying these!

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