Top 5 Dating Advices For The 21st Century


Some singles go online with the optimistic aspiration to discover their soulmate. Others sign up to a hookup website for far more instant gratification. Whatever the initial motivation, there are certain aspects of this activity they ignore at their peril. It might seem as if dating websites are the most convenient way of reaching out to prospective partners. Well, they are, but there are also negatives. It’s also worth pointing out that significant numbers of singles still gravitate towards offline connections, preferring the social side of hanging around in singles bars or nightclubs to interacting with someone who initially exists as a username and a collection of pixels. So what would the top five dating advices be for the modern age, online or offline?

Don’t take anything for granted

Regardless of whether you are interacting with potential dates in the social environment, or by tapping away messages from your keyboard, you can’t ever make assumptions about the way your relationship is going to progress. When it comes to the online version, you have to keep in mind that you are operating in an environment that is becoming increasingly popular. It could be the case that you are getting on fantastically with another single, developing a real rapport, only for them to vanish from your radar. There was even a modern term for this – you have just been ghosted.
If this happens frequently, or you are having difficulty meeting quality women, you can always turn to a dating coach. They are skilled at helping people become more attractive to others, get more matches and dates, and have successful relationships.

Compatibility is still everything

Just as it has been for time immemorial, the building block for any relationship remains compatibility. Dating sites are specifically geared towards making the most of this fundamental aspect of human connection. When you sign up for any resource, you will be presented with a webform that will ask questions about the type of relationship you are aspiring to. Algorithms will then ensure that you have every chance of being matched with someone sharing these goals.

Make the most of technology

Once upon a time, dating sites commonly presented an exhaustive list of questions for prospective partners who were looking for a romantic connection. Nowadays a whole suite of functionality allows you to take advantage of technology to make your dating experience seamless. Some websites have dispensed with formalities and allow their users to simply indicate interest/disinterest in another party depending on the direction they swipe. Others harness geolocation software so that you can be matched according to who happens to be nearby.

Don’t over-rely on technology

An obvious issue with becoming so familiar with utilizing smart devices to track down potential partners is that the whole process can become quite addictive. People over-indulging in computer games often find it difficult to resist the urge to continually return to their screens – attempting to cease playing can induce symptoms similar to a drug addict going through cold turkey. In not quite such a drastic fashion, many people who are hooked on their favorite dating site will get irritable when it is suggested they put their gadgets aside to communicate with someone in the real world or as mentioned consider a dating coach.

Keep an open mind

Regardless of where you are interacting, a key point to keep in mind is that you should always be flexible and open to new experiences. Especially with online dating, you are liable to come in touch with a diverse range of individuals, far more so than you ever would have when dating in the real world. Because of the complexity of human nature and different cultural backgrounds, you will have to develop a greater sense of tolerance when dealing with various types of site user you wouldn’t normally come across offline.

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