Top 5 FinTech Startups


The FinTech industry made a revolutionary nudge in the IT sector. In 2019, the market cap was raised due to bitcoin increase. Apart from this trend, new projects emerged as well this year. So what are the top FinTech startups , the financial sphere started to change, and cashless payment became widespread. With the appearance of mobile purchases, Internet banking, and digital wallets, people could order whatever item they want without going outside and visiting shops. Doesn’t it sound great, right? In this article, we prepared the list of top five FinTech startups that changed the IT trends last year.


It’s an Indian startup for borrowers and lenders. In particular, it provides information about apartments, mentioning their cost for the potential rentals and buyers. The main advantage of  Faircent is that it has many features that are suitable for clients. For example, Auto Invest includes proposals for borrowers and lenders that match their criteria of buying or renting the property. This initiative is also beneficial for students because they can find an apartment at a reasonable price. , Faircent collected $5,65 million of investments, and it was considered one of the most profitable ventures in India.

Clover Health

This healthcare insurance startup is based in San Francisco, USA. According to TechCrunch, Clover Health received $500 million of the investments . Containing a data-driven system, the company provides information to patients about their health status. In essence, this feature made the US startup successful in Medicare insurance market. The other advantage of Clover is that it lowers costs for hospitals and patients. The founders believe that it might improve the healthcare system in the USA. And this aim inspires them to go on with the idea of the insurance market and create an innovative solution to cost optimization in the healthcare domain. is a new gear in the area of FinTech app development. This mobile app with AI technology has educational materials about finances and their allocation, which is advantageous for users. For the investors, this feature is also beneficial, as it helps them sell their financial assets. The startup was found in Cyprus, and it raised $25 million . Its idea about the AI and finances made the company attractive for the investors. So do you think that can generate more investments this year.


Adyen is a provider based in the Netherlands, and it connects merchants in the world, using  Visa, MasterCard, and other types of payments. The platform also helps users increase their revenues and expand their businesses to a new level. Also, Adyen’s technology can be adapted to any business, industry, and store. Its flexibility is the main advantage for merchants who use this feature. Do you think about trying Adyen for your business? If you do, so it must be a good option for you because it has a high level of security for payments and low risks in ROI, as a report of states.


It’s a startup from London that specializes in APIs. Truelayer creates the links between newly emerged startups and access to Open Banking system. it generated $7,5 million of investments. This innovation also creates an unforgettable experience for clients because it changes the way of using online mortgage platforms. With the capitalized API, it’s possible to secure financial transactions and payments effectively. Are you sure that Truelayer will make a nudge in FinTech sphere? If you think so, you can install it on your device and secure your transactions.

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