Top 5 Fun Places to Visit in Europe


Saying that Europe is beautiful is an understatement. What we mean is Europe can actually be used as a synonym for gorgeous. Nature has played a significant role in making this continent as beautiful as it can be. So, now that we know how amazing Europe is, let’s start listing the top 5 fun places to explore in Europe.

Vila Sol Golf Course

Located amidst beautiful and tall pine trees, the gorgeous Vila Sol Golf Course covers a whopping area of 371 acres. This is the ultimate golf course for those looking to rejuvenate and play golf for fun. It is not only home to ultra-modern luxury amenities, but the 27-holed golf course is open all year round for tourists to have a gala time. It is just 10 minutes away from amazing sandy beaches and playful casinos.

Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa, Vilamoura

Located just 30 minutes from the airport, the Cascatas Golf Resort and Spa is situated in the southern part of Portugal. It is famously known as the golf capital of the world. Portugal is home to the most authentic and exquisite golf courses in the world, and this resort is one of them. Famously known for its Turkish bath and exclusive family apartments, this is one place where your entire family will have more fun than they ever imagined. Be it the pool, steam, sauna or golf, this resort has top-notch facilities suiting one and all.

Vila Monte Farm House

The Vila Monte Farm House will give you a feel of the local Algarve culture. Just like its name, it is a proper farmhouse, maintaining the local simplicity and essence. The highlight is the live food counter. They cherish making the dishes in front of the guests, believing that they are invoking the sense of sight and smell before serving them on the palate. Another highlight of this farmhouse is the heated swimming pool, which makes it a visitor’s paradise all year round. Take a tour of the deserted island and the local market and choose from suites and rooms according to your budget.

Fazenda Nova

Fazenda Nova is a treasure in the heart of Algarve, Portugal. This country house is located in a small town that is bustling with colorful fish ports, local markets and a beautiful coastline that extends to Spain. You can pamper yourself to the fullest with their in-house country wines and the local delicacies that will spice up your taste palettes. This country house has such astounding rooms, that you will feel like spending a day in every room. Be it the terrace suite or the garden room, every room is designed in its own special way. Have a stay there and make every second of your family time count.

Praia Verde

This Praia Verde Resort gives a whole new definition of luxury and fun. Post-renovation, this place actually gives the real Portuguese feel. The dense pine trees and the stunning view of the beach are sure to mesmerize everyone from children to adults. Their swimming pool is a place wherein your entire holiday group can have the fun required. If you want to lay around in the pool, your wife can go shopping in the in-house market and get all the shopping done without having to trouble you. Their kid’s club will never let your children have a downtime. So, it is an ideal holiday for everyone!

Apart from being beautiful, Europe has countries where you can have fun while enjoying the beauty. These countries have events and activities to keep the tourists entertained all year round. Be it golfing, skydiving, skiing, or some entertaining local shows and carnivals, one can have a taste of everything in Europe.

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