Top 5 marketing trends of 2021


Are you interested in taking advantage of new marketing trends in 2021, but are not sure where to start? In this article you’ll learn about the best marketing that are worth investing your time in. They can increase traffic to your website and attract new customers.

It’s important to keep up to date on the latest traffic methods so that you are able to fight for traffic against your competitors. You’ll see that emerging trends provide a lot of opportunity to beat your competition for new traffic and it’s highly profitable.

1. Backlinks must be higher quality

The trend in the last decade is that the quality of backlinks must improve for Google to count it towards ranking your website and you can expect more of the same in 2021. Google has managed to develop their algorithm to catch people that are using black hat SEO tactics to try and game their search engine. Therefore, you cannot take shortcuts when trying to rank on Google.

Therefore, you need a professional approach that can get you real results. Companies like linkzenit have a good strategy. It’s important to find out what strategy a company is using before hiring them. You need to know that they are using white hat strategy that Google would approve. Link building strategies are highly effective for building SEO rank and improving business profitability.

2. Influencers are good ROI marketing

You’ll notice that most social media influencers nowadays are promoting a service or product. That’s because companies are offering them free products and money in return for plugging their product. It’s a great marketing tool because you can leverage the audience that influencers have built up to market your products to a lot of people.

Are you wondering how to find the right influencers for your products. You can search for ones that are operating in your niche. However, they can also be influencers that target an audience that might want to buy form you. Therefore, they don’t have to be operating directly in your niche, but a complimentary one.

3. Live-streams

The rise of live streams in 2020 has been an interesting trend that is looking to continue in 2021. Live streams are a great opportunity to showcase your brand or go in-depth into a topic. Also, you can interact with your community and answer questions in real time. Customers love this kind of interaction with brands that they are looking to buy from.

You can make live streams about all type of topics. It includes product demonstrations or educating your audience about a topic that’s related to your niche. For example, if you are selling kitchen products, then you could show the top 5 vegan recipes with spinach.

4. Brand story

There has been an explosion in brand story driven marketing and the trend will grow to another level in 2021. Online it’s not enough to simply sell a product based on the features. You need to give people an emotional reason to get invested in your brand. It might be because you are out to empower people or to help save the environment. Pick a marketing angle and stick with it across your branding. It will help you draw in the customers if you are having trouble in a crowded marketplace.

Make sure that your brand story is consistent and targets a specific profile. Worried that you’ll drive other customers? It’s better to be a master of one audience type than a jack of all trades regarding many audiences. Your business will have better success if you focus in on a niche.

5. User accounts

Nowadays it’s important to offer customers user accounts so it gives them a reason to come back to your online store. Think about the effort it takes to sign up for an account. Customers will only sign up with a few websites online and continue to shop with those brands. Make sure that you are one of those brands and you’ll receive plenty of repeat sales.

You should provide an incentive for visitor so they want to sign up for an account. It might be in the form of a discount for the first purchase. Also, explain that they will get ongoing rewards such as cashback and other offers. It’s a strategy that many eCommerce are already using to great effect.

Final thoughts

The 5 marketing trends in 2021 to be aware of are just a few of the top ones that you should be aware of. They will all come in handy when growing your brand and increasing the profitability of your business.

However, don’t stick with just these trends. Be on the lookout for more and you may spot a few golden gems during the course of the year. The idea is to be the first one to take advantage of a trend so you can beat the competition.

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