Top 5 Mattress Brands to Consider

To purchase a new mattress can be one of your biggest concerns. It must be comfortable, supportive and long-term, so that it does not have to be replaced in a few years’ time. And since mattresses can be expensive, you want to make sure that you invest in one that is valuable.

The two most common types of mattresses available in the market are memory foam and innerspring mattresses, but it’s really personal preference to choose one. Mattresses for each material can be found at each level of firmness and prices. Memory foam mattresses fit your body shape, so your pressure points are distributed. Continuous mattresses are usually firmer and bounce more. A combination of foam and indoors are used in hybrid mattresses so you don’t have to just choose one. Many good companies like Brooklyn bedding are also providing Brooklyn bedding coupons.

How can I choose the best mattress?

Take your sleep position into consideration. The goal is to keep your spine straight, so the pressure points such as your shoulders, hips and knees should be less stressful.

Top 5 Mattresses Brands 

1. The Satva Brand Mattresses

Although many online mattress brands might picture the foam styles compressed in a box, Saatva is different. It is like in-print and pillow-top mattresses, but it is offered at a competitive prices.  It is always highly regarded among the customers and earns a high level of comfort, support and sleep quality overall.

2. Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattresses

Buying an affordable mattress doesn’t mean that it has to be cheap. It’s hybrid style, with both memory foam and springs for a mix of comfort and support.

If you are looking for a lower price, the brand has a cheaper, low edge-supporting variant that isn’t so high, but is still considered comfortable. It also contains a more expensive version that has even more functionality, including an additional layer at the top, more edge support, and a layer of temperature control foam.

3. Tempur Luxe Mattresses

This mattress helps you to cool down when you sleep and during the night. Most cooling mattresses have materials that regulate marginal temperatures, but the only way you feel up to 8 degrees cooler throughout the night is with a single phase change technology.

According to the experts, the cooling factor is visible, but it has to be maintained over time and the movement control is also important. This is no wonder as Tempur-high quality foam is well known to do this. This mattress is also removable, washable and offers a 90-night testing experience.

4. Green Mattresses

This mattress is made from natural or organic materials like wool, cotton and latex, if you prefer to skip foam and synthetic fabrics. It’s also GOLS certified, so you know the whole manufacturing process follows strict guidelines regarding the materials and ingredients used, as you can see from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). It also has supporting coils that are ergonomically designed and supported by the edge so that it will not sink on the sides. And the brand also sells a vegan version if the variant is without wool.

The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice performance for an organic mattress. Users love to sleep and say that it evenly distributes their body weight. Also, the customer service of the brand is amazing and had no problems. A pillow top can be chosen for an extra price, which will make you feel more relaxed.

5. Casper Mattresses

The Casper name is virtually synonymous with “mattress-in-the-box,” and it is among the most popular mattresses on the board and in the bedding sector. Most people have told that they love this all-foam bed and in particular have emphasized the price, ease of order and overall convenience of it. The style is the brand’s original and most famous and the most valuable, but it has since introduced several variations, including all foam and hybrid models at various price points.


Thus, we have seen in detail, the top brands of mattresses and key details related to them. Many mattresses companies are offering deals and coupons like Brooklyn bedding coupon that will help you to buy the mattresses at discounts. If you are also planning to buy a mattress for you, just consider one of the options above. Explore the brands mentioned in this article and buy the best mattress for you that will last long.