Top 5 Most Popular Songs of the 1970s


We all have a favorite decade of music that we love the most. For many of us, the 1970s was the best time for rock and roll, producing so many classic rock hits always being played on the radio. You could jam anytime you wanted in the 70s. And who doesn’t love disco? If you are a 1970s music fan, take yourself back to the time of bell-bottoms, lava lamps, hippies and glam rock with these top 5 most popular songs of the 1970s.

#1: “Hotel California” by The Eagles

When you think of the music that defined the 1970s, you might think of The Eagles first. The Eagles were everywhere in the late 1970s, and “Hotel California” was almost inescapable on the radio all the time. “Hotel California” was an era-defining rock song about the decadent Los Angeles lifestyle many musicians like the Eagles lived during the 1970s. Learn more about the hidden meaning of Hotel California and why this song is the quintessential 1970s rock song.

#2: “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

When many of us think of the 1970s, we think of disco. When you think of 1970s disco, you probably think of the Swedish pop group ABBA. When you think of ABBA, you think of “Dancing Queen!” The song’s optimistic Euro-pop vibes are sure to get even the most resolute wallflowers on the floor dancing their hearts out. The 1970s just wouldn’t have been the same without ABBA and “Dancing Queen.”

#3: “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

We had to put another disco hit on this list of the top 5 most popular (and best) songs of the 1970s. Almost 50 years after this song was released in 1978, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor is still instantly recognizable and very relevant. Its fiery spirit of independence and resilience is loved and respected even today, and can even still be heard playing in the club from time to time. This disco classic will get you dancing and moving on and that is what the 1970s was all about!

#4: “Imagine” by John Lennon

You might have thought that “Imagine” by John Lennon was actually released in the Sixties. The early 1970s were still a time of celebrating peace and harmony in music. Released in 1971, “Imagine” by John Lennon perfectly captures the hopeful spirit of the young people of the time. A timeless classic, “Imagine” is John Lennon’s most famous song of his solo career and still loved and played around the world today.

#5: “Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees

The 1970s was characterized by disco music, so is it not surprising that our #1 song of the 1970s is “Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees? The song is forever associated with the equally iconic 1970s movie “Saturday Night Fever” and a young dancing John Travolta. What is more Seventies than that?! The high falsetto voices of the Bee Gees and the song’s poignant lyrics about survival and perseverance make “Stayin’ Alive” the perfect 1970s classic rock song. If you are looking for the best song to play at your 1970s party, make sure you put “Stayin’ Alive” in the mix.

Top 5 Best Songs of the 1970s

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 most popular songs of the 1970s! In our humble opinion, these 5 songs perfectly capture the rock and roll spirit of one of pop music’s best eras. The 1970s were a great time in music history producing many iconic and legendary songs. Long live the jams of the 1970s!

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