Top 5 Online Job Search Platforms


Looking for a job can be a daunting task, and it can sometimes start feeling like a full-time job itself. Most often, it is a painfully stressful process where you have to go through hundreds of job listings that can take weeks out of your life.

Job searching, however, has been significantly optimized and simplified since the introduction of job search engines that can be found online. There are hundreds of platforms on the Internet, but here are some of the best, most reliable ones to aid in your job search.



Lensa is a U.S. job board that instantly matches job requirements supplied by employers with job seekers’ resumes. More than 10 million members in a typical month rely on Lensa’s sophisticated, intelligent matching algorithms. Lensa’s platform invites matched job seekers to contact employers directly. This platform sees Hundreds of thousands of new job seekers sign up every month and posts just as many jobs to match.

Lensa has mastered both recruitment and search efficiency. Once you upload your resume to the platform, Lensa will scan millions of data points on the companies that are affiliated with the website and filter through the most optimal and well-suited job openings that match you and your qualifications the best.

Additionally, Lensa’s Community Pages give job seekers access to a lot of very useful statistics on any company that might interest them. There are also filters for company demographics, including age, gender, diversity, years spent at the company, and previous experience). This feature allows jobseekers to really get to know a company before applying for a position.




Ladders is a comprehensive careers resource that helps people manage, market, and move up in their careers. The community on this platform consists of millions of experienced professionals who come to the site to be inspired, grow in their careers, and get ahead in their professional lives. Ladders distinguishes itself from other recruitment sites in that it only caters to U.S. and Canadian professionals looking for positions that pay more than $100k salary annually.

Ladders aims to build the most optimal data-driven tools, marketplaces, and news and entertainment products for their growing audience and companies, recruiters, or advertisers that want to reach them. This site offers employers the opportunity to reach highly qualified and experienced professionals. As this is a highly professional environment, over 90% of candidates who apply for jobs through Ladders have a bachelor’s degree, and 45% have a master’s degree or higher.

Ladders offers free and paid job listings. However, the free basic package offers limited applicant management functionalities. While the free option is limited, the Full Access and Enterprise packages include advanced search functions. The Ladders platform allows you to find highly qualified and experienced candidates if you are an employer and highly professional well-paying opportunities if you are looking for a job.



Behance is a leading career and online art portfolio website for creative professionals across industries. It offers a creative job board where businesses can post their freelance projects. Part of the Adobe family, Behance has become one of the top free online design networks where creatives across industries come together to showcase their work.

The aforementioned creative job boards are seen internationally and offer real career opportunities from a diverse range of creative fields. This rapidly growing job search platform has over 12 million users. In addition, creative projects on this site have been viewed over 4 billion times, so it has an outstanding reputation.

Behance is very easy to use, and job seekers can search by keywords and filter for the creative field, location, and employment type. While searching, you can also make a saved jobs list to apply later if something catches your eye, but you’d like to explore some other options first. Behance specializes in targeting a wide array of creative fields and is especially favorable for designers. This platform is also very useful for posting internships and freelancing opportunities. Behance does not have local offices in the U.S., as they cater to an international audience.



FlexJobs is another leading online job service for professionals seeking flexible work, specializing in full-time, remote, and part-time jobs, employee and freelance jobs, and on-site jobs with flexible, part-time, and alternative schedules. While they operate from Colorado, the site allows companies to post jobs in any country allowing professionals to be recruited from around the world.

Since its launch in 2007, FlexJobs has helped more than 4 million people in their job searches and has created the largest vetted database of legitimate flexible job opportunities. Additionally, FlexJobs provides ongoing career support, including curated expert resources and career coaching services to partner with job seekers in all phases of their journey.

This site may not be optimal for everyone as it is not free access. If making a small investment is possible for you, however, you will most definitely be getting your money’s worth. Each membership plan with FlexJobs includes unlimited job listings and resume searches, and all plans include dedicated account support.



AngelList is a global hiring platform that connects startups with angel investors and job seekers. This site lists more than 8 million startups on its website for potential investors to research and choose from. The company offers a unique culture that enables its teams to self-manage and empowers them with a lot of responsibility.

In the past, AngelList has supported work flexibility by offering freelance and hybrid to 100% remote jobs with both part-time and full-time schedules. The majority of AngelList’s candidates specialize in IT careers, which is great if you’re looking to recruit for the IT industry. The platform offers unlimited free and paid global job posting plans where employers gain access to profiles of over three million active local and global job seekers.

AngelList has a dedicated online help center with a variety of helpful articles and tutorials. The AngelList customer support team is always available via live email or online chat, and paid plans include a dedicated account manager. A great feature of this site is that it is entirely based in the cloud, so employers don’t have to download or install any additional software.

Whether you are currently employed and are looking to get a better position or you have recently been laid off, looking for a job can take its toll on you both physically and mentally. Searching job boards day after day and sending out tons of resumes only to hear nothing can make it feel like you’re wasting your time and effort, and it’s extremely hard to stay motivated.

While it can be stressful and time-consuming, since the rise of online job search platforms, it has significantly changed the experience to a more positive one. Most of the job search is now an automated process that alleviates a lot of the pressure and stress from the job seeker.



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