Top 5 Payday Loans for Bad Credit in the US

Traditional lenders, such as banks, place a whole lot of emphasis on your credit score. So, it’s not uncommon to have loan applications turned down if your credit score falls below average.  However, if you’re caught up in such circumstances, payday loans do offer some form of respite. You can receive this type of loan at online lenders, brokers and credit unions.

Even if you have a bad borrowing history, these payday loans are designed for you as long as you have a regular source of income. Despite this interesting feature of payday loans, finding places to get an offer with the best terms can be quite a hassle. But never to worry, we’ve compiled some of the best brokers in the United States that work with trustworthy payday lenders.

Making a request at these top loan brokers will connect you with direct offers from lenders who accept bad credit borrowers. Check out this list of payday loan brokers now and compare their perks to get started.

List of Best Online Brokers With Payday Loans for Bad Credit

You can readily find payday loans across a wide range of lending platforms. One of the most common places is a credit union. This institution operates like a cooperative where you can borrow low-interest loans. However, application for payday offers at credit unions is usually restricted to registered members of the association.

Similarly, loan offers are available at payday lenders, whether online or offline. These are direct lending platforms that offer you cash advances upon application. A downside to using direct lenders is that you only have a single quote, and more often than not, you’re forced to commit to the loan offer without alternatives.

However, using brokers imply that you can compare multiple offers from direct lenders before making a choice. Brokers work closely with a wide range of lenders and help their customers search for payday loan quotes with favorable rates

Are you interested in finding bad credit payday loans with instant approval? After a comprehensive review of some of their services, here are five of the top payday loan brokers that you can visit for the best loan offers.

WeLoans: Best for Payday Loans for Bad Credit

Top 5 Payday Loans for Bad Credit in the US

Since its inception, WeLoans has been a leading brand in the online lending industry. You can search for payday loans for bad credit on WeLoans based on your needs. The broker works with some of the reputable lenders in the country and has a major focus on making financing opportunities accessible to bad credit borrowers.

Through its bank-level encrypted information transmission system, providing your financial details could help you streamline offers that you’ll receive from WeLoans partners. These direct lenders conduct soft credit pull, thereby preventing harsh consequences to your score. Visit WeLoans for further information about it and its loans.

iPaydayLoans: Best for Quick Funding

iPaydayLoans Best for Quick Funding

iPaydayLoans is another bad credit loan brand that has now become reputed for its swift funding. Besides payday loans, the brand has different funding options, including personal and title loans on offer.

It helps borrowers source for payday loan offers across a wide range of direct lenders with no credit check requirements. In addition, its payday loans are available to you even if you’re unemployed. Simply show proof of a consistent income source and you’re good to go.

CocoLoan: Best for No Credit Check

CocoLoan: Best for No Credit Check

Thanks to its soft credit pull policy, CocoLoan allows its clients to get payday loan approval within a matter of minutes. The company boasts up to a 97% approval rate, thereby ranking it among the most trustworthy loan brokerage services on the market.

You can apply round the clock at CocoLoan and enjoy great customer support throughout. CocoLoan also works only with trusted lenders and makes the application process seamless for all its customers. You don’t need technical knowledge, and by following simple prompts, you can get quotes and compare offers from all over the country.

EasyPaydayLoans: Best for Large Loan Amounts

EasyPaydayLoans: Best for Large Loan Amounts

Compared to what you stand to gain through other brokers and lenders, EasyPaydayLoans has listed better loan choices with amounts at competitive rates. Depending on your state’s lending laws, you can get up to $5,000 worth of payday loans.

All potential offers are tailored to your unique financial status, regardless of whether you have a bad credit or not. If you also make an on-time payment, you can trust EasyPaydayLoans lenders to make a credit report to the important bureaus, thereby building your credit rating.

HonestLoans: Best for Low Interest Rate Loans

HonestLoans Best for Low Interest Rate Loans

HonestLoans is one the most reliable platforms for accessing payday loans with relatively low interest rate and quick funding. The broker works with over 80 highly-rated direct lenders who allow easy approval for bad credit borrowers.

You can use the free service on the platform to get extremely fast decisions on your application and equally quick funding. If you’re looking to consolidate debt or avoid predatory lending facilities, HonestLoans comes highly recommended.


Several brokers have their strengths and perhaps their downsides. Some partner with more lenders than others, while the principal amount available with specific lenders are relatively higher than with the rest. All of these factors should go into determining which broker you should choose. However, if you’re a bad credit borrower, it is advisable to get payday loan quotes on WeLoans. There, you can enjoy perks like a soft credit inquiry and even get co-signers.