Top 5 Pickleball Paddles for Beginners


The two things you need before starting to play a sport are comfy sportswear and sports gear. Pickleball is no exception. It’s a simple sport; all you need, other than sportswear, is a pickleball paddle. Yet, choosing the best pickleball paddle could be challenging for a beginner. This article will provide the best 5 options for people who want to get into pickleball.

1. Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

The Rally Tyro 2 is the ultimate beginner pickleball paddle. It’s a composite, meaning it is made of both graphite and wood. It’s best to have a graphite paddle, but it would be too expensive for a beginner who isn’t sure if he/she wants to commit. Its face is made of polycarbonate with a white color, giving it a simple finish. The paddle is lightweight—which is great for a beginner— and comes for a cheap price! Its durability makes it a strong option for intermediate and advanced players as well.

 2. Pro-Lite Blaster Pickleball Paddle

A medium-weight paddle with a graphite surface and edge protection is a solid choice. Although it comes with a thin grip, it could easily be replaced. It’s a bit pricey for a beginner, but for what you get it’s well worth the money. The weight, size, and length are among the most important factors in choosing pickleball paddles, and this one has the perfect weight, the right size, and the needed length. Still, this paddle might not be a perfect match for you, so know your preferences before buying.

3. Selkrir NEO composite paddle

This one would fit you well, if you’re a former tennis player, or have strong wrist/arm muscles. Most beginner paddles are light which could be a downside if you prefer smashing with power. The Selkrir NEO composite paddle allows you to execute with power and for an affordable price. It comes with a one-year warranty as well.

4. Paddletek Ranger Beginners Paddle

If you’re looking for a suitable paddle for a child, this is the one! Designed for children under 12, the Paddletek Ranger is light and soft, yet powerful. It allows kids to control the ball easily. The grip is long and comfortable and it comes with a one-year warranty guaranteeing its high quality.

5. Gamma Phaser 2.0 Beginner Paddle

It has a moderately textured smooth surface and a strong core. The Gamma Phaser 2.0 is a bit heavier than the other ones in the list, which gives it more power. This could be a drawback for some beginners as they might not be able to have strong control over it. For that reason, there’s an ultra-light version of it. This pickleball paddle might be a good upgrade for those looking for improvement by using a heavier, more powerful paddle. The small grip is not best for those who hold their paddles with both hands. Overall, it’s a pretty great one.

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