Top 5 Reason to Send Long-Lasting Preserved Flowers


We will give you the top 5 reasons to send long-lasting flowers in today’s post. Nowadays, there are many options for preserved flowers, and they are increasingly used for special occasions, wedding bouquets, or interior decoration. You can preserve your wedding flower bouquet in the form of jewellery, which is the best way to keep your wedding flower for a long time.

First of all, we will clarify what a preserved flower is for those who do not know it. We explain it to you straightforwardly; it is simply a rose grown naturally, which goes through a different transformation process that allows it to last for months, even years. So, Let’s get to it! Here are the top 5 reasons to send long-lasting preserved flowers or explain why giving preserved roses is the best option.

1. Fresh and Pretty Like the First Day

The best thing about these roses is that they are real roses and maintain their natural beauty as the first day. Having a rose in your home for years is lovely and with its freshness. And we have already said it, but they last for years and years. You will give a touch of color to your home!

Flowers last a year or longer? This point is critical because many people believe that preserved plants are artificial and look like plastic. This happens because they think that a natural flower cannot last long, so they confuse them with dehydrated or dried plants (which, on the other hand, are also very pretty).

It must be made clear that the preserved plants are natural and maintain a freshly cut plant’s appearance. A treatment is applied that replaces the natural sap with a preservative and biodegradable substance that manages to maintain its flexibility and texture.

2. They do not Need Special Care

These flowers maintain their natural beauty and freshness for a long time without the need for water or light. And this is one of their advantages; they do not need special care! So, they become the perfect detail to give to those who lack the time or are a little clueless about taking care of flowers or plants.

3. Give Eternal Love

Giving flowers is a tradition for many years, which never goes out of style, nor will it pass. Also, it is that with the flowers, so many messages can be transmitted. That alone for that, it is already worth it. And if it is an eternal rose on top, much better! No?

If you are a hopeless romantic and want to give something that symbolizes eternal love, preserved roses are for you without a doubt! An act of love, but eternal love and with a special meaning. Here is another reason why they are perfect for gifts!

4. The Best Preserved in La Fleur De Luxe

At La Fleur De Luxe, we use roses harvested from farms in Ecuador. And because? Because its environmental conditions are perfect, as we already said in the post about Ecuadorian roses. Its rich soils full of nutrients, the pure water of its mountains, and the sunlight every day of the year guarantee an extraordinary quality in our preserved roses!

5. Exclusive Scented Roses

And so that these roses are already perfect for giving as gifts. We integrate an ideal aroma! Be careful because preserved ones smell too. A garden rose fragrance so that your flowers are beautiful, fresh, and have an incredible smell. The perfect detail!

As well, how long does a bouquet of fresh flowers last you, ten days? A bouquet of preserved flowers can last for months, and even years, depending on where they are placed. The average duration is up to 50 times longer than freshly cut ones. Brides are increasingly demanding their bouquet of preserved flowers. They are precious because they are natural, and the natural is always more striking. They can also keep them as souvenirs for a long time.

Although the preserved flowers and plants may seem more expensive (they take a lengthy and costly treatment to ensure that the preservation is perfect), it is an investment that is very profitable in the long term.

Well, here are the reasons for giving preserved roses! What do you think? Hopefully, they have finished convincing you because the truth is that they are natural flowers, really, and they are great.

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