Top 5 reasons to buy jewelry online


The most important consideration while shopping for jewelry apart from price and quality is variety. Most of the brick and mortar jewelry stores have very limited selection and anything you like, might not be available in the right size.

Ultimately shopping for jewelry offline means jumping from store to store in a desperate bid to find a design you like and hoping that it is available in the right size. This is the reason why shoppers are increasingly turning to the internet to find their next piece of jewelry. But does buying jewelry online make any sense? Here are the top 5 reasons to make your next shiny purchase online.


The most important reason to buy online is the sheer amount of variety available. You can look at thousands of designs with just a click of a button. You can even find a high-quality best friend ring online in no time. This is impossible when shopping offline. In a brick and mortar store your choices are limited to the selection of that particular store, its square footage and the personal taste of the professional buyer for the store.

On the other hand online jewelry stores upload their entire selection online as they can source and deliver the choice of your product from any of their stores. This greatly expands the online store’s offerings, which means more choices for you. Also, the big benefit of online stores is bright jewelry photography. It helps the customers make a choice easier and faster.


A website greatly reduces the cost of any retailer. They save on shop rents (in expensive locations), hiring trained salespeople, electricity bills, parking spaces, cleaning, maintenance, etc. These savings are generally passed on to the customers. Due to this, the online jewelry stores also give heavy discounts to online shoppers.

Also on most of the websites, the pricing of the product is also transparently displayed and you can sort all the products of your choice according to their prices. This makes shopping online extremely convenient and budget friendly. Also most of these websites offer loyalty programs and cashbacks on certain purchases.

Product comparisons

Want to compare different ornaments side by side? While shopping online you can add different products to product comparisons. This lets you compare products not just by price but also by different attributes so that you can make an informed decision. You can add more than 2 products to the comparison list so that you can compare pros and cons of multiple products. This is the reason product comparisons are one of the most used features of online jewelry shopping. Certain users also open different products in multiple tabs (often from different websites) to look at even more options all at once.

Additional features

Want to shop with different currencies? Want to ship your order to a different country? Want to place an order and pick it up from the store. For those who experience anxiety, items like spinner rings from Ideaure are recommended. Online shopping gives you so many options that you just cannot get with an offline shopping experience. Certain websites also help you locate your nearest brick and mortar stores.

You can also fill out forms with specific queries and request for call backs. This way you can get a real shopping assistant to guide you through your entire shopping experience. Most websites also let you package and ship your product as a gift thereby enriching your shopping experience.

Custom design

Want to design your own diamond earring jewelry or a pendant with the name of a special someone. Maybe you are a designer at heart and want to see your jewelry designs come to life. A Lot of online jewelry shops accept custom designs and send you your desired piece these days. This is a great idea especially for gifting something special. You can be sure that you are owning or gifting a very unique piece of jewelry that nobody in the world owns.


Buying jewelry is always a challenge. The price of the jewelry is always high making the final purchase decision extremely critical. On top of that you have to ensure that you find the right design and also that it is available in the right size. A lot of these issues are solved when you decide to shop online. This is a reason a lot of customers are increasingly turning to the internet for buying their next piece of jewelry.

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