Top 5 Reasons To Choose Emerald Engagement Ring


Despite the popularity of diamonds, colored gemstones have made their mark in the wedding market. No wonder, gemstone rings are as alluring as colorless diamonds for engagement and weddings. You can find an enamoring range of precious stone rings like emerald engagement rings to celebrate the most special day of your life.

When you plan to seal your vows with an eternal promise of love, nothing can symbolize your feelings better than the rare crystals like emerald. And if you think buying emerald will shoot your budget, it’s not so.

Believe it or not, emerald is rarer but lesser expensive than diamonds. So, you will still save many dollars while investing in a timeless piece of jewelry. Here are some other charming reasons to buy an emerald ring for engagement.

Powerful Meaning

Like any other gemstone, emerald also carries deep mysticism and powerful meaning in its enchanting beauty. The stone is believed to be sacred to the Goddess Venus. Hence, it embodies the beauty, prosperity, fertility, and eternal love. Emerald is also the birth stone for May-born ascendants while it is the alternative birthstone for the zodiac sign of Cancer.

From being the favorite stone of Cleopatra to modern monarchies, it is always associated with royalty due to its stunning beauty, rarity, and metaphysical properties. In some cultures, emerald is believed to improve the memory and wit of the wearer, while its color signifies hope, abundance, and wealth.

Enchanting Beauty

The first thing that draws your attention to emerald gemstone is its captivating beauty. The exotic and deep green shades of this stone remind you of springtime and happiness. From jade-eyed lovers to green woods, there is nothing more attuned to nature than this gemstone.

Whether you mix it with gold, platinum, or rose gold, every metal enhances the charm of emerald. And if you want to touch of diamonds in your engagement ring, choose a design with a band of diamonds surrounding an emerald to get noticed. However, you should be cautious when you buy emerald stone for engagement ring.

Choose the most desirable color that may range from greenish blue to deep green with medium tone and vivid saturation. Remember, the high-quality emerald stone has an even color distribution without any color zoning.

Rare and Distinctive

Rare and Distinctive

If you are looking for an unlikely option for your engagement ring, emerald stone perfectly fits the bill. This gemstone has a distinctive aura and rarity that’s hard to find in other colored gemstones. It is a bold choice for the contemporary couples who aren’t scared of breaking the conventions and making unique choices.

You won’t find many people choosing Emerald Engagement Rings, making it an unusual stone. However, wearing this gemstone shows your deep commitment to love and your courage in choosing something that not many people dare to. Apart from distinctiveness, this stone also brings rarity to your life.

Do you know it is rare to find an eye-clean emerald naturally? This stone comes with inherent flaws and blemishes that can be removed with chemical treatments. However, these treatments can steal its natural abilities and energies, leaving the stone vulnerable to any influences. Astrologers recommend choosing an eye-clean stone with no visible flaws, cuts, or scratches on the surface to get the most value of your investment.

Strong Astrological Benefits

Since times unknown, colored and precious gemstones like emerald are known to possess magical and metaphysical powers. Legends have been created about their supernatural abilities that include psychic energies and ultimate protection against dark magic. Some cultures even believe that emerald stone changes its color when its wearer is in mortal danger.

For ages, it has been a stone of hope for a beautiful future that embodies healthy relationships and contended life. This stone of prophecy allows you to interpret its meaning or take it literally for symbolizing various life situations. It can tranquilize a troubled mind and bring immense calmness to its wearer. Faithfulness and trust come naturally with an emerald ring.

Affordable Than Diamonds

No matter what you hear, emeralds are much more affordable than popular diamonds. Despite the rarity and unconventional beauty, this gemstone will not rip you off and demand unreasonable prices. On the other hand, you can choose an affordable emerald within your budget if you are willing to compromise a bit on its color or clarity.

Even at a low emerald price, you can find a stunning gem that will remain your companion for a life-time with proper care. Some people may argue that emeralds scratch easily as they are not hard like diamonds. That’s not true because emeralds are scratch resistant and perfect for everyday use due to a rating of 7.5-8 on the Moh’s scale.

Just make sure that you buy a stone without surface-reaching inclusions that cause easy chipping or cracking.

Seeped into History

When you choose a gemstone as rare as emerald, you invest in a piece of history that will stay with you throughout your lifetime. Can you imagine wearing a gemstone that was traded during the ancient Babylonian era? It was also mined in Egypt and used as talismans in ancient Greece, where Hermes wrote his popular scripture, carved into emerald tablets.

There is no part of civilizations where you can’t find mentions or folklores associated with this stunning gemstone.

So, when you are shopping around for a unique engagement ring, don’t forget to check out the options available in emerald engagement rings. If you need help finding the right one, here are some tips.

  • Don’t buy a precious gemstone without checking a detailed catalog showing the stone from different angles. You can even ask the seller to send you a video of your favorite stone for a better idea.
  • Choose the best color that suits your personality even if it tilts to the lighter side of the color scale.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for the gemstone lab certificate with your purchase to ensure that you buy a genuine stone, ethically mined, and sourced from the right places. The certificate also displays the quality grade of the stone based on its color, cut, and clarity.
  • Select the right carat weight, as emeralds are less in density than diamonds. Hence, you can find a larger stone for a smaller carat weight.

Consider these points and choose a rare emerald for engagement ring from a trusted place like GemPundit. Meanwhile, if you’ll be attending a wedding soon, make sure you read these tips for choosing the right wedding guest attire.

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