Top 5 Tricks To Defeat The Ticking Clock In An Escape Room!


Escape rooms are adventure thriller encounters that have sensationally engaged all the adrenaline seekers around the globe. These games challenge your mental abilities and encourage you to decode and decipher the mind baffling conundrums.

While many individuals believe in enjoying every minute of this heart-palpitating session, some of us like to put our best foot forward.

If you are one such individual who wants to be prepared for tackling these bewildering challenges, you have come to just the right place!

This article talks about the five most prominent tricks that will help you defeat the constantly ticking clock and have a successful escape. So, sit back, relax and continue reading further.

5 Tricks For A Successful Escape Room Adventure

While escape rooms are highly enthralling, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to fathom the victory. To help you unravel these mysteries and find an escape before time seeps away, we have summarised the 5 tricks listed below.

1. Pick your best mates

Undeniably, escape room adventures are pretty fascinating with our best buddies. But, if your rationale is to win these suspense thrillers, we would recommend you to pick your teammates carefully. It is important to have a team that can decipher various puzzles, be it the tech-savvy clues or arithmetic riddles. Thus, having a mix of individuals who know their way around several topics would be quite beneficial and allow your group to tackle different problems simultaneously. This way, you can defeat the fleeting time with ease.

2. Plan ahead of Time

Planning is crucial as it helps us bridge the gap between our current situation and our future objectives. If you are persistent enough about winning an escape adventure, we suggest you plan ahead of time. Assigning tasks to your team would be pretty helpful.

For instance, as you look for the best escape rooms near me, you can also decide the different areas every individual would be targeting. Delegating responsibilities like keeping track of the time, organizing clues, solving riddles would avoid unnecessary mayhem. This, in turn, will help you disentangle the mysteries on time and boost your chances of winning.

3. Be interactive throughout the Game

As we all know, communication plays a vital role in the road to success. It is extremely important to share your ideologies in an escape room game and be on the same page with others. This will allow the participants to solve the perplexing riddles scattered around the room.

If you come across any element that catches your eyes, make sure to inform your companions. After all, you never know what could lead you to you that missing piece of the puzzle, right? Being interactive throughout the game will help the participants stay up-to-date and look for relevant clues and win the game!

4. Keep it organized

You surely don’t want to trap yourself amidst the chaos, right? When playing an escape room, it gets pretty complicated to keep track of the time and jot down all the clues in your mind. Therefore, it is essential to keep everything organized.

Thus, we recommend you organize all the clues that you come across during an escape room. This will not only avoid any confusion but will help you effortlessly unravel the mysteries. Try to assign this task to a particular teammate. Furthermore, make sure to keep him or her updated about all the clues that you stumble upon.

5. Tackle the ticking clock

Lastly, the added time limit in an escape room adventure amplifies the adrenaline rushes, making it even more immersive. At the same time, it’s all fun and games if you intend to enjoy an escapade. But, if you genuinely want to go home with the tag of “winners,” we would suggest you constantly keep track of time.

Escape room adventures are quite notorious for dwelling the participants in their enigma. This mysterious ambiance makes an individual forget all about the fleeting time. So, ensure that you are well aware of the time limit.

Try to avoid engaging yourself in a particular puzzle for more than 10 minutes. If you are unable to solve a riddle, look around for some other mysteries and clues. Come back later when you feel a little confident. This will help you eliminate all the unnecessary time wastage and decode the puzzles on time.


Who doesn’t love to participate in breathtaking adventures that baffle our psyche entirely, right? That’s why escape room has been getting extensive popularity around the globe. We’re sure that you must’ve looked up the interest, searching for the

It is essential to understand that winning an escape room adventure is not a piece of cake! It requires a lot of brainstorming and serious conceptualizing. In the article mentioned above, we have summarised the 5 best tricks that will help you win an escape room game with utmost ease. So, without any further delay, head out to your favorite escape room and try your luck today!

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