Top 6 Reasons Why Guppies Make the Perfect Aquatic Pets

Guppies, scientific name, Poecilia reticulate, are beautiful fishes. They are very colorful with exotic looking fins. So, it is no wonder that they are also called rainbowfish and millionfish. Guppies have their origins in South America, but they are a popular aquarium fish all over the world.

However, their colorful appearance is not the only feature that makes them a favorite among pet owners, especially for kids. These tropical fishes have many features that make them the most preferred breed for ornamental fish for amateurs and veterans.

Here are the top reasons why guppies are the perfect aquatic pets.

1. Beautiful and enchanting colors

The number one reason that makes guppies a perfect pet is their gorgeous appearance. They come in different colors ranging from solid to multi-colors and some albinos. Male guppies are flashier and vibrant than females of the species.

Another reason is that guppies sport elaborate tails and fins. It is as if they plan to hypnotize you with their iridescent and broad tails. Even those who do not have much interest in having pets are drawn to the beauty of guppies.

2. Effortless maintenance

Some aquatic species are gorgeous, but they require intensive upkeep. This can be a massive headache as it requires effort, time, and money.

But guppies are among the breed that requires very little maintenance. Therefore, if you just keep the tank and the water clean, they will thrive. Of course, feeding them with good quality feed is also essential. Guppies are not picky eaters either, so you can pretty much get away with common fish feed.

They also make excellent water pets for those who leave their homes frequently. Guppies can survive for many days without food. Although this is no reason to starve them, their hardy nature makes them an excellent pet.

3. High adaptability and resilience

The reason guppies have populated all over the world is their high adaptability. They can adapt quickly to a different environment, which makes them flourish. In addition to their native South American habitat, they also do equally well in others.

Another fantastic reason why guppies are the ideal pets is their resilience to diseases. A healthy stock from local breeders will not get sick in their lifetime. The only exception is a fungus infection, but this too if the fish is imported. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about the health of these small beauties.

4. Ease of breeding

Let’s be honest; running to the pet store every time you need to replenish or expand your pet family can be a nuisance. But this will not be the case if you have guppies.

Guppy females can easily lay 30 to 40 fry in a month. So, a couple of healthy females in your fish tank will increase their number in no time. However, if you plan to let them grow into adults, you need to monitor when the females are birthing. It is because the adults are not shy about eating the fry. The baby guppies can also grow up with unexpected colors, so you will be surprised. For more information on breeding guppies, check out this site: 

5. Inexpensive breed

Another reason why you will love having guppies as pets is that they are very affordable. They cost anywhere between 10 cents to a dollar. Those guppies that are fancy will cost a little higher. Of course, the pet store and your location will also affect the price, but they are very affordable.

Besides, you do not require a large aquarium or expensive gear for these fishes. It is quite possible to get a starter kit for your aquarium below $100. Check out this fantastic 5-gallon aquarium starter kit on Amazon.

6. An endless source of entertainment

Guppies are playful without engaging in wild antics. This makes them a delight to watch and enjoy. If you have an aquarium with several guppies in it, you will have free access to endless joy and entertainment.

Unlike some fish species with predatory instincts, these fishes are also very calm. So, you can watch these lovely fishes for relaxation and a respite from the daily grind.

Final thoughts.

If you are considering getting an aquatic pet, you cannot go wrong with guppies. They are effortless to maintain, calm, and come in beautiful colors of the rainbow. To top it all, they are also affordable, which makes them an ideal pet.