Top 6 TV Shows To Talk About On A First Date

Joining a dating site is an increasingly popular platform for singles to get together with kindred spirits. So many people are taking advantage of this convenient way of making contact with any number of potential partners, and there’s an outlet for every possible type of relationship. Once you’ve made a connection with someone in this environment, the next step is arranging a face-to-face encounter. What might you chat about when the time comes? How about your favorite TV shows? Here are six to talk about, according to poll conducted by review service.


The hilarious antics and tumultuous love lives of six 20-something New Yorkers first appeared on our screens back in the 1990s, but you don’t have to do much channel-surfing to find the hit show on repeat. This is perfect conversation fodder for your first date because the only people who haven’t caught an episode must be undiscovered tribes in the Amazon jungle. Everyone has favorite scenes – from the will they, won’t they escapades of Rachel and Ross, to control freak Monica, cooky Phoebe singing about smelly cats, Chandler’s dry wit, and Joey’s dumb but endearing attempts to woo anything with a pulse!

The Office

Another TV show that resonates with so many people, this is based on the original version, written by Ricky Gervais, that appeared on British television in 2005. The fly-on-the-wall camera work enables us to catch these office drones when they are at their most vulnerable, or in the case of their egotistical boss, shamelessly exploiting every moment of screen time. This is perfect for date chat because the situations presented are so identifiable, causing sides to split, and toes to curl in equal measure.

Game of Thrones

A medieval fantasy involving complex political intrigue, giant fire-breathing dragons capable of laying waste to whole cities, armies of zombies, countless grisly deaths (apparently somebody worked out an average of 14 per episode,) lashings of sex, and full-scale battles, isn’t everybody’s idea of date night viewing. But these people haven’t watched the series. Thrones is simply one of the greatest TV experiences ever to grace the small screen – if you’re a fan, and you meet a kindred spirit, you’ll find it difficult to stop talking about it!


Another fantasy series, this features 1940s nurse Claire (Caitriona Balfe), traveling back in time, 200 years, to find herself embroiled in the Scottish Jacobite rebellion against the British monarchy. Here she encounters Jamie (Sam Heughan), a rugged highland rebel, who promptly sweeps her off her feet. Often literally. Here the sex scenes and combat between the Scots and their red-coated enemies are much more subdued than anything in Thrones. But the characters and storylines are almost as engaging.

Black Mirror

Satirical writer Charlie Brooker’s hit series is set in a dystopian near future, giving him plenty of scope to spoof, parody, and mercilessly mock 21st-century sensibilities. This is particularly popular with a younger audience who are already fixated on gadgets and screentime, either blissfully unaware or simply unconcerned that many of the storylines are concerned with questioning society’s obsession with technology. The episodes are short and quirky, ideal for post-viewing date discussions.


Breaking Bad was a huge hit, and this series, featuring Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney), covers similar(ish) territory – respectable, professional, family-loving people, forced into an ever-treacherous world of organized crime. This contrast is extreme: their often fractious but affectionate home lives, and the brutal violence they are forced to accept as the price for their drug cartel employers sparing their lives. But this makes the show compelling viewing – and will provide so many conversation starters during your date. If you feel that this show is a bit shorter for a heart-to-heart conversation, you may also add daytime soaps to your list.