Top -7 key players for england at UEFA EURO 2020


The England national teams coached by Gareth Southgate will go into the EURO 2020 with high hopes. They have an impressive squad and are one of the top five favourites. They will be hoping to build on their good run of form in the 2018 World Cup.

From goalkeeper to striker this squad possess some of the great talents across England. So let’s take a look at the key players in the England squad. This basic understanding of squad will be crucial in betting on the UEFA EURO 2020.

Jordan Henderson 

Jordan Henderson, the Premier League side Liverpool FC’s captain, is a natural leader on and off the pitch. Southgate will be looking to add Henderson’s experience and leadership qualities on the pitch. He is a tireless player in the midfield and have produced some impressive flicks and forward runs in the time being. The main problem with Jordan are his injury problems. Much of the last season he spent time sidelined due to injury. If he is fully match fit he will be key in England’s offensive and midfield game plans.

Harry Kane 

Harry Kane is one of the most prolific strikers all across Europe. Kane is the key member of the squad and Southgate expects him to produce his best of skills in the tournament and score as many goals as possible. He is injury free and his experience will be crucial in England’s run. He has won the Premier League Golden Boot last season and would like to extend his good form into the European stage.

Declan Rice 

Declan Rice is an energetic midfielder who is on the wish list of many Premier League clubs. His fine run of form with the Premier League side West Ham ended in March when he faced a knee injury. He is a strong contender to start games in the tournament. He is just 22 years old and very much in Southgate’s plans for the tournament. This competition will be an arena for Rice to shine.

Mason Mount 

Another young sensation from the Premier League outfit and Champions League winner Chelsea, Mason Mount has much to offer to the squad. His impressive run of form culminated in Chelsea winning European silverware this season. He is a notable player who could really sparkle in the European campaign. He is not hesitant to fit into the positions that manager and squad require. His goals and assist records from soccer statistics are not bad at all. He currently has played 17 caps for the country and four goals in the process.

Marcus Rashford 

Rashford has always been a key man in Southgate’s plans. Within the age of 23 he has earned 40 caps for the country which makes him an experienced player. He is a key figure in Manchester United’s recent campaigns. He has the much needed pace and goal threat from wider areas and can produce some good moments in the tournament. The one thing that undermines his chances are injuries. If he could remain match fit through the campaign he will be one to be noticed.

Luke Shaw 

Luke Shaw is one of the best players to feature for Manchester United last season. At the age of 25 he could only manage 9 caps for England but this campaign would be a revival for his career. He had an impressive season this year and would be hoping to extend it to the EURO. He’s expected to be the first choice player to grace left back position and is very much in Gareth Southgate’s plans. He is a player to take note of.

Phil Foden 

Phil Foden is a brilliant passer and a dribbler who often scores goals. His performances with Manchester City has been impressive and he would be hoping to extend that to the UEFA EURO 2020. He has the ability to break a game open and is good at making decisions in high pressure situations. He is expected to score goals provided he feature in the first team. He is one of the best young talents in England’s squad along with Jude Bellingham. It will be difficult for the coach to leave him out of the first team.

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