Top 7 Qualities Of An Online Tutor One Should Look For


Yes, you are facing difficulty with your subjects, and there is no shame in accepting that you need extra help. In fact, having an online tutor is a good investment for your future.

But how will you find the right tutor among the bunch? Most importantly, how do you know that you are not being scammed into anything because scamming is so common now?

Yes, we get the cynicism. You are not really meeting this person and listening verbatim before accepting a tutor with advanced pay. This is someone you met online from an online tutor searching portal, and you are expected to trust that they will help you navigate your studies.

But, there are subtle signs which can help you understand whether this is a legit person or someone who is most likely to scam you. In this excerpt below, we will discuss the tell-tale signs that your online tutor is the right one.

1. They Come From A Credible Platform

Before you book a tutor for your studies permanently, understand the platform first. Now, you must be asking.

How should I understand whether the platform is credible?

Well, here are some of the ways you can-

  • The website has a high ranking, with a good health chart.
  • They have active social media platforms where you will find customer feedback. When you peruse a website, you can tell whether it is credible or not.
  • They have customer commentary on their website as well.
  • The offer to speak to you before you go look for a teacher and the point of payment comes much later in the journey.

Check out this tutor portal The Teaching Tutors, and you will understand the importance of a good online presence.

2. They Are Extremely Patient

Patience is a virtue and certainly a skill every teacher has to master. This is something you should notice from the vibe of the teacher. No, we are not asking you to irritate them until their wit’s end because they are human beings, afterall. But, try to ask them questions related to the subject.

At least a few many, and see if they are able to politely answer each question, and actually help you to gain interest in the subject matter then they are good teachers. It is not about making you more uncomfortable because you asked the question; a teacher should only be irritated because you keep making a mistake.

3. They Know How To Encourage You

You will rarely seek tuition for a subject that you already like, it will always be for something which you either do not like or absolutely detest. So, you are already low in motivation when it comes to the subject matter.

It will always be the job of a good teacher to at least try and make the subject interesting. This is where they will encourage you and not criticize you for your lack of knowledge.

They will understand your situation and strive to help you through it.

4. They Show You Credibility

No, they wouldn’t be boasting about all the students they have taught and how well they have performed. The credibility will come from their eagerness to help. They will ask you questions and give you their previous notes to check and understand.

Only through this they will be showing their willingness to teach and determination to make you not just score but understand the lesson. If you find a tutor online, who is quite the eager kind, they are the right kind.

5. A Thorough Subject Knowledge

It is almost impossible for a teacher to know everything, but if you ask a good teacher a question that they might not know the answer to, they will take it as a challenge. They should not only have thorough knowledge about the subject, but they should always be willing to know more.

They will not brush off a question as not important. If they have the time, they will help come back with an answer. The signs of a good teacher are they never just rigidly stick to the syllabus and know how to stray once in a while to learn some more.

6. Communication Is Easy With Them

You shouldn’t feel judged or have a guilty conscience to ask the same question more than once if you are unable to understand. You are supposed to have difficulty in a subject which you do not like or probably have never done before.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, even if it is a student-teacher one. If you are not asking them questions for fear of irritating them, you are already with the wrong teacher.

It is time to change them and click on the link given above.

7. They Offer Demo Classes

This might be the last pointer, but it is the most important one out of all. A good teacher will never ask for money or an advanced payment before you like their classes. Some demand a small fee for the demo class, but that is reasonable.

You do not have to ask them; they will give you an option to get a demo class done before they finally go over your courses and get your lesson plan ready.

You will understand that a certain tutor portal is shady when they are asking for money every step of the way.

Go For It!

If you find yourself checking through most of these pointers, there is a fortunate chance that you have met your tutor. In the end, if you are comfortable conversing with your doubts and getting a non-judgemental approach from them, they respect you the more you respect them.

It is okay to not know even the basics of the subject because that is why you have availed an online tutor. Think of it in this way, if you really had known the answer, why would you need them? So, if you find any tutor shaming you for not understanding a subject, do not continue.

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