Top 7 Trends in Software Development for Startups in 2021

The latest technologies today, most especially the fast-digital transformation, affects all aspects of life, including manufacturing, business, entertainment, and healthcare. In fact, the technologies used by people daily, such as Google predictive searches, Gmail, and personalized product recommendations, are all Artificial Intelligence-enabled programs, but most of us don’t notice it.

A lot of manufacturing companies today are also using robots to automate operations and optimize costs. Aside from that, mobile apps, online stores, and as well as social media sites have also become irreplaceable tools to promote goods and services and as well as buy and sell them. Therefore, if you are looking into developing software for your startup business, you need to be aware of the trends in software development for startups. Being familiar with these trends will make it easier for you to hire someone to develop software for your business, as you need someone who’s very familiar with these things.

If you are wondering about the trends this year in software development, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you the top 7 trends in software development for startups in 2021.

1. Outsourcing Software Development

In recent years, remote staffing in the software industry has become popular. This means that 2021 is a year that will welcome more IT outsourcing projects. It’s because businesses are continuously searching for ways on how to find the most economical way of incorporating all the latest trends in their products.

IT outsourcing offers qualified engineers at a lower cost across different regions and specializations. In fact, a lot of organizations worldwide are opting for it instead of in-house developers. And since mobile and web development requires professionals in different branches of IT, companies are searching not only programmers, but as well as testers, business analysts, consultants, marketers, UI/UX designers, solution architects, and project managers.

2. Artificial Intelligence or AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been onset for a long time in software development services. But since the ways of its adoption are revolving and enhancing each year, this makes it one of the top trends in software development for startups in 2021. Many businesses are implementing this technology in their software to give a little extra to their customers.

AI can provide a lot of benefits to businesses as it has a lot of uses, such as image and video recognition capabilities that could help law enforcement and security agencies, efficient and scalable processing of patient data that could aid healthcare delivery organizations, chatbots for customer service operations, and so much more.

3. Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality or MR is a combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It also has significant potential in enterprise applications, because AR assimilates digital content with the physical environment of users, while VR generates an immersive experience for users.

Many organizations today are realizing key business value with the help of this technology, including sectors like architecture, construction, gaming, defense, tourism, healthcare, and more. With this, the global market for Mixed Reality is growing rapidly, making it one of the top trends in software development for startups in 2021.

4. 5G Network

A faster network than 4G is also expected to enter the market in 2021. It is a hundred times faster than 4G and is also speculated to have a wider range of connectivity that allures lots of software development companies.

5G is presumed to provide better data security. With this, it is also speculated that the virtual reality app development, such as 3D gaming, will also improve along with augmented reality apps. Businesspersons are not the only ones eagerly waiting for this network but as well as laypersons.

5. Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether have made people sit up and notice blockchain. However, this technology has wide implications for enterprise systems. But blockchain is a peer-to-peer or P2P network that offers decentralization, a distributed ledger, security features, and transparency.

Smart contracts that are running on blockchain networks are transparent and tamper-proof, making them easy to trust. Aside from that, their execution is also irreversible, making contract administration easier. Many businesses, as well as governments, are strongly exploring blockchain, which means that its global market is growing rapidly, making it one of the top trends in software development for startups in 2021.

6. The Internet of Things or IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT), as technology trends go, is one that could have far-reaching impacts not just on businesses, but on the world. It is a network of physical objects, such as appliances, devices, gadgets, and more, that use sensors. These devices have networks that use application programming interfaces or APIs to exchange data over the internet.

The Internet of Things is a result of the combination of different technologies, such as Big Data, AI, ML, sensors, Radio Frequency Identification or RFID, and APIs. It has lots of uses for businesses, such as for predictive maintenance, smart meters, asset tracking, fleet management, and more, making it one of the top trends in software developments for startups in 2021.

7. Cybersecurity

Lots of businesses online lose money due to cybercrimes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity is one of the top trends in 2021 when developing an enterprise app. Cybercriminals are continuously upgrading their capabilities, and they are organized. Some of the attacks include phishing attacks, distributed-denial-of-services or DDoS, and more. Therefore, to mitigate application security risks, managing the project well is key, which includes adhering to IT architecture, coding guidelines, and more.

woman working on a computer

To prevent fraud, information leaks, malware, phishing, ransomware, and social engineering, different organizations from all over the world are investing in cybersecurity. In the near future, there’ll be new protection ways, like blockchain-based solutions, hashing protocols, and machine learning algorithms.

These are the top 7 trends in software development for startups in 2021. With these trending technologies, you can expect that the software industry will be revolutionized. It is important for every business to include these flourishing technologies to improve their company or services, and of course, to survive in the competitive world. Its also important to find good partners like DevsData for support. Therefore, if you want your startup company to become successful, make sure that you have software developers who can help you.