Top 8 Reasons Why Colognes Is the Best to Attract Female

There comes a time in a young man’s life that they start looking for their better half. This is someone that you would hopefully be spending the rest of your life. Fortunately, they are plenty of fish in the sea and you can have your pick. Unfortunately, fishing is not easy and you have to have some tools in your arsenal to have a chance of catching that special fish. This is where fragrances would come in. these are heaven sent items that can help you attract more females. Here are the top 8 reasons why colognes is the best to attract a female.

1. First Impression

This is the feeling that someone gets when they meet you for the first time. a first impression is easy to make but almost impossible to change. Consequently, it becomes important how initially present yourself to a person. If you go straight to a date from the office chances are that it will not go well. You will look and feel uncomfortable. Also, it will seem like you did not give the date much thought. This can be displeasing to your date and will give off a bad first impression. On the other hand, if you go home shower and use a fragrance then things are more likely to go your way. Just from your scent, your date will tell that you put in a lot of effort for the date. This is extremely seductive and will give off a good first impression.

2. Enhance Attractiveness

As a man, we are often in a constant battle against body odor. it is as if our bodies are designed to smell bad with the least provocation. This odor can get so bad that it can turn a handsome ugly in the eyes of a beautiful woman. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Using an iconic fragrance as your signature scent will help you eliminate body odor.  Consequently, you will look and feel more attractive. This will make it easier to get closer to a female for added seduction.

3. Enhance Confidence

Another effect of body odor is that it is straight-up embarrassing. It is every man’s nightmare for a woman to tell you that you smell bad. This would make you seem like you are incapable of observing basic hygiene. These are some of the thoughts that make us lose confidence and make us incapable of perusing the woman. However, this also has a simple fix. Using fragrance in moderation will make you smell good.  You are bound to notice this more with all the compliments that you are bound to receive. This brings a good feeling that will make you feel and look more confident. Women love a confident man. So this will turn you into a chick magnet.

4. Enhance Maturity

Just the same way fragrances make you more attractive; some fragrances can make you seem more mature. As a man married to an older woman, you can trust me when I say I have some experience with this. Iconic fragrances like Creed Aventus can turn a young man into a sophisticated gentleman. It is common knowledge that women love it when the man is in control. Consequently, if you are a young man trying to attract an older woman then you will do better finding a sophisticated scent. Right here you can find the best cologne Creed Aventus for men. it is also a review that will inform you much more about this wonderful product and its effects.

5. Distinction

Men are still getting used to the idea of using fragrances. In fact, scientists estimate that only about 20% of men use fragrances. The other men simply relay on their natural body scent or think using deodorant is the same as using cologne. Consequently, wearing a fragrance is bound to give you a massive advantage over other men. Let’s just be honest, as men, we are constantly competing. Well, using a fragrance will give you the distinction to seem more unique. Women love a bold man who is not afraid to be unique. That is why most of the 20% are married men.

6. Shows Your Wallet

The prices of some of these fragrances are quite impressive. For instance, a 30 ml bottle of Caron Poivre will have you spending $1000. Such a fragrance transcends from being a simple product into being a luxury item. Luxury items are material things that are used to show how successful a person is. Most women love a successful man who can provide them with the better things in life. Consequently, having expensive scents is a sure way to attracting more females.

7. Enhances Mood

The sense of smell is often underrated. Many people do not know the subconscious effects of various scents. For instance, Lavender and woodsy notes have the effect of reducing anxiety and easing tension. In the long run, this will reduce stress. On the other hand, manly notes such as coffee or leather have a more seductive effect and can even act as a mild aphrodisiac to females. The great thing about wearing a scent is that these effects are felt by both the person where it and the people around them. This means if you use a seductive scent then seduction is what you will get.

8. Energy Rejuvenation

Much like the mood enhancement capabilities, fragrances can also bring energy rejuvenation. Scents that have fresh notes such as citrus or mint can make someone feel energized. Consequently, a person using such a scent is bound to work harder and for longer. Women love hard-working men. Therefore, using such a scent will make you more attractive top them.

Final verdict

It is good to remember that every person has a different natural body scent. This will make the effects of each fragrance they were different. However, these are the 8 reasons why colognes is the best to attract a female.