Top 8 Telugu YouTube Channels to Follow

YouTube is a platform filled with talented and innovative people. To start a YouTube channel, all you need is a good internet connection. But to get successful, you need to be creative with your content. Several Telugu YouTube channels are utilizing the resources to make a mark in the captivating world of the internet.

The Telugu movie industry is providing these YouTubers with a lot of opportunities to work. They are giving these stars part in their movies. And in return, the film industry uses these channels for social media marketing purposes.  You can find options to manage and convert here your videos.

We have come up with a few Telugu YouTube stars and their channels in this article. Let’s check them out.

1. Hyderabad Diaries

The YouTube channel, Hyderabad Diaries, brings out the Goodness of the city of Hyderabad to its audience. With a family of over one million, this YouTube channel has gained a lot of fans and earnings. Hyderabad Diaries started in 2010, when the duo, Sharukh khan and Abrar Khan, uploaded a few videos, portraying the typical culture of the people and the city in a light and humorous sense.

The compilations of Hyderabad Diaries with rib-tickling references to daily scenarios are worth watching. The estimated annual net worth of Hyderabad Diaries is anywhere between $45k and $720.2k.


Viva, with 1.27 million subscribers, took YouTube by storm with a debut short movie. Humorous and witty content of this YouTube channel vibrates with the youth of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana community. Recently, The Culture Machine obtained this YouTube channel since it was such a hit.

The net worth of VIVA is $284,000 as of August 2020.

3. Mahathalli

Mahathalli is one of the top YouTubers of Telugu. She makes short funny videos of 4-6 minutes.

The real name of this well-known YouTuber is JahnaviDasetty. She was born on 7th September 1991 in Hyderabad. She received her degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT College, New Delhi. Rather than becoming an ordinary doctor or engineer, Jahnavi wanted to do something unique and different. So, she started acting in short movies and then became a full-time entertainer.

Jahnavi started her comedy series after making a few short movies. The name of the series was MahathalliMahanubhavudu. It got good reviews and responses, which made her create a YouTube account. She started uploading small comedy skits on her channel that were relatable to the audience, which attracted the viewers.

Jahnavi collaborated with several film stars in her YouTube career, including RituVarma, Vijay Devarakonda, Sushanth, and many more. She later got married to Sushanth. Recently, Mahathalli is involved in entertaining her audience with her amazing videos.

Apart from YouTube, Jahnavi worked as a fashion merchandiser, movie stylist, and an assistant director.

The YouTube channel of Mahathalli has crossed one million subscribers – a very few Telugu YouTube channels reached to such success. For one million subscribers, she received Golden Play Button from YouTube.

Through her YouTube Channel, JahnaviDasetty (Mahathalli) makes a satisfactory amount of money. On an average basis, she gets 392k+ views and earns anywhere between $98 and $1.6k (according to Social Blade). Moreover, on 11 million views, Jahnavi makes between $2.9k to 47.1k$/month. These figures are not accurate; this is just an estimate.

4. Chicago Subbarao

Using funny and creative videos, the Chicago Subbarao attempted to bring the issues faced by NRIs. A brainchild of three young adults, including Harish Dasari, Prudhvi Raj Sampara, and PraneethRamasagaram, known for making videos of six to eight minutes.

The Indian people living in the USA can relate to these videos. The net worth of Chicago Subbarao is estimated at $6.57k to $39.4k.

5. Shanmukh Jaswanth

ShanmukhJaswanthKandregula (Shannu) is an admired Indian Telugu Youtuber who storms the platform with his dance moves. He has 741k subscribers, and he connects with his fans through his art to dance. Shannu has a massive fanbase on YouTube as well as Instagram.

He was born on 16th September 1994. Shannu’s favorite hobby is to make videos, and this hobby has helped him earn a lot. He is a part of another YouTube channel, VIVA, and make videos for them.

The flash mobile video became his rising cover on YouTube. Up till now, this video has crossed over 4.7 million views. Moreover, this was the video that brought him a lot of subscribers to his channel. Shannu used the opportunity in the right way and uploaded more of such kind of videos.

After gaining a lot of subscribers and growing his YouTube channel, Shannu now uploads funny videos as well. The leading resources of his income are YouTube and Instagram. According to last year’s YouTube income, Shanmukh earns nearly $670 to $10k/month. The net worth of Instagram is hard to estimate, so we cannot say about his Instagram earning.

6. Vikram Aditya

VikramAditya is a renowned YouTuber, born on 19th February 1989 in the USA. Vikram is the first self-proclaimed Indian entertainer and professional educational YouTuber. He makes videos in the Telugu language with English subtitles.

VikramAditya is one of the wealthiest United States born YouTuber stars. Along with 1.66 million subscribers on YouTube channel, Vikram has more than 78k followers on Instagram as well.

The estimated net worth of VikramAditya of the year 2019 was $1 million to $5 million. His primary income source is YouTube.

7. Geeky Ranjit

Ranjit Kumar (Geeky Ranjit) is a gadget and gizmos freak. He reviews everything from a mobile phone to LEDs. Ranjit talks about technology and how it can make our lives effortless. He was born in Hyderabad in 1977. Since childhood, Ranjit was passionate about different gadgets and technology.

In his late teens, he brought up his passion for programming. It was the time when few people used to have computers in their houses. Using the computer unit of a cousin, Ranjit Kumar tried his hand on every type of program, applications, and game making.

After exploring his love for programming, Ranjit made his way into web development. He started providing freelance services as an IT advisor, along with developing sites and applications for US-based clients.

Ranjit Kumar created his YouTube channel when the monetization feature was not available. He named his official YouTube account, Geeky Ranjit. The first review video of Ranjit was on the ASUS router, which did not get a proper response. So, he turned towards several companies for sponsorship, but it still did not generate much response.

To get success on YouTube, Ranjit used his entrepreneurial skills and chose to invest in his channels. He used to buy the gadgets and did genuine reviews on them. It attracted the audience, and soon Ranjit started making money with his YouTube channel.

Now, Ranjit Kumar has over three million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he ranked among the Top 10 Indian YouTube Millionaires. Ranjit is well-known for his unbiased opinions and knowledge over his topics.

8. Telugu Mojo

Telugu Mojo uploads videos featuring paranormal and supernatural activities from around the globe. Praveen Kumar Rayapati is the man behind this channel. He brings about captivating facts in the form of short videos about the mysterious activities and exciting true stories.

Telugu Mojo has 531k subscribers on its YouTube channel.