Top 8 Timeless Fashion Pieces Worth Investing In


If you ask any stylist how to manage your wardrobe, the most common answer will be to build your wardrobe on a few key timeless fashion pieces, such as those from 1700s fashion trends, and then add a few new items every new season, depending on what’s in fashion.

The problem is, what are these key fashion pieces that will never go out of style? Well, worry not, with our guide, we’ll advise on the top 8 timeless fashion pieces that every wardrobe should contain.

1. Baseball Cap

A baseball cap might not seem like it’s the height of fashion, however, a baseball cap is a simple and effective way for you to look sleek and stylish on a bad hair day. Or, if you’d like a more relaxed look, a baseball cap matched with a chic pair of jeans or shorts is ideal for a walk in the park or at the beach.

2. Watch

Not only will a stylish watch always ensure you’re on time, but a watch is also the ideal finishing touch to an outfit to make you look sleek and professional. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, invest in a versatile designer watch that you’d be happy to wear every day. It might feel expensive at first, however, a high-quality watch will last you for years.

3. Mac Coat

While other styles of coat might come and go, a Mac is something that is always stylish and can be worn in any season – whether that’s spring, summer, fall or winter. Especially ideal for a rainy day, all you need to do is alter what you’re wearing underneath depending on the season. For instance, on a cold winter’s day, pair your Mac with a cosy sweater. Or, if it’s a warmer day, wear a thin, short-sleeved top.

4. Everyday Trainers

You can’t wear heels or formal shoes every day, so it’s essential that you invest in a good pair of everyday trainers that you can style with your casual attire. Brands like Converse are ideal for a pair of everyday trainers as they are both stylish and versatile. They even have numerous colours and styles available, meaning you can funk up your outfit easily.

5. Black Ankle Boots

Just like your LBD, a black ankle boot is classic and can make any outfit look smarter, making them ideal for a work outfit or an interview. You could even pair a dress with your ankle boots for work then switch to heels for cocktails afterwards.

6. Breton Striped Top

There’s something about the French that just encapsulates style and fashion. Which is exactly why everyone needs a Breton striped top in their wardrobe, as whenever you put yours on, you’ll feel like you’ve just walked on a runway in Paris. Very versatile, you can wear it with jeans for picking up the kids or dress it up with a skirt and your black ankle boots for an evening out with friends. Indeed, it’s so versatile that yours will spend more time out and about than in your wardrobe.

7. A Good Pair of Jeans

There’s nothing better than a good pair of jeans that hug you in all the right places. Ideal for casual days or for getting dressed up for drinks, normally the best jeans come from designer brands like Levi. That being said, high street stores are now stocking quality jeans too, so it’s worth shopping around to find the pair you like best.

8. Sunglasses

Not just the perfect glamorous accessory for your outfit, your sunglasses are also important for protecting your eyes from the sun. To make sure your sunglasses are the most fashionable, choose from a high-quality brand, where your glasses will last you long after your holidays abroad. For instance, you can chic up your usual pair of Wayfarers by opting for the light-ray Wayfarers and customizing them.

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