Top Baby Accessories New Moms Need: a Guide for 2023


It can seem that babies need a lot of products, but that simply isn’t true. You can get by with very little and still raise your baby so that they’re happy and healthy. Everything else is just about convenience and comfort. That being said, staying comfortable is paramount for new parents. You want to be able to care well for your infant with less effort.

There are a lot of products out there promising that very future, but the types of items that will make the biggest difference to your parenthood journey are the ones on this list.

A Baby Basket

Think having a crib is enough? Think again. There are many instances where you’ll need to put your baby down, and every time you do, you want them to be safe and comfortable. An eco-friendly moses basket made of all-natural materials is just what you need. With one, you’ll be able to put your little one down and then carry them from room to room while you make food, handle chores, or even just hang out with guests. You can even get a basket stand for each room, so you can put them up and off the ground with less bulk and hassle.

A Wrap Carrier

The most comfortable way to hold your infant while going for a walk or just standing around is to use a wrap. Carrier wraps have been used by many cultures around the world for generations and are a safe and effective way to keep your baby close. You can position your infant so that they rest against your chest or even against your back. The wrap you’ll need to make this into a reality is a simple woven wrap. You can buy these or even make them yourself. They are, after all, just a large piece of cloth. Where the magic happens is in how you wrap it. A wrap carrier can be beneficial for mothers, particularly when traveling or doing chores around the house. Did you know that the Inuit use a traditional baby carrier called the Amauti? Find out more about it in our post about The Inuit Art of Baby-Carrying Using the Amauti.

Nursing Pillows

Nursing is a long process, and holding your baby in your arms the entire time can get tiring fast. Nursing pillows are here to save the day. They essentially make it safe and comfortable to breastfeed lying down or on your side. They work to support your infant in an optimal position that’s comfortable for the baby and mother.

Baby Monitors

You’ll need to leave your baby alone sometimes. Even when alone, however, you need to be ready if any issues happen. A quality baby monitor with a camera can give you the peace of mind you need. You’ll also be able to gauge what the issue is, to come prepared.

A must-have accessory for every baby is a reliable baby stroller, and the Kinderkraft APINO stroller is an excellent choice. Weighing just 7.5 kg, this stroller offers convenience with its auto-folding feature and is suitable for children up to 22 kg. The stroller includes a spacious 2 kg basket capacity for storing essentials during outings. Designed for comfort and practicality, the Kinderkraft APINO features a four-position adjustable backrest, large puncture-resistant wheels for smooth rides on various terrains, and a travel system option for effortless transitions from car to stroller. Discover the Kinderkraft APINO stroller and enhance your baby’s mobility and comfort with this versatile and lightweight travel companion. Check the model here:

The Classic Line-Up

Every baby needs a crib, a stroller, changing pads, a changing station, a diaper pail, and an infant car seat (if you drive). These are the classic line-up that will make caring for your baby possible. Can you do it without it? Sort of. Even in the past, cribs were essential, even if that crib was just the pulled-out drawer of a dresser. Strollers are another key tool, and not just because it takes your baby’s weight off of your torso. Strollers also come with space for diapers, clothing changes, and the like.

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