Top cities in the world for university students


The choice of top cities for university students takes different factors, including prices, opportunities, culture, friendliness, diversity, and many more.  These factors are crucial for learners, no doubt. So, to help you have a better understanding of this topic, here are the top cities in the world that suit all needs of learners and are perfect to live in. If your city is one of these, then be proud!


For the past years, London has been making its effort to be among the top cities for university students, and it has successfully found its way to the top. Well, special thanks to its numerous museums and culture as well as the charisma to make the learners stay in that place after graduation. It also offers a large concentration of schools and universities.

Melbourne, Australia

This city is number two in the list. This cultural capital is well-known for being one of the most liveable cities in the world. From its beaches, sunrises, and sunsets to its nightlife, university students will surely fall in love with this city. This place offers cultural festivals, arts, and comedies all year round. Many university students have fallen in love with this city because of its attractive suburbs and the best opportunity to receive a high-quality education while exploring bustling city life. 

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of Asia’s top student cities along with Seoul. Even though Japan is known for its populated urban areas and lower population of students, it is home for the top financial organizations and provides the opportunity for university learners to engage themselves in this city’s local culture. 

Montreal, Canada

The diversity in this place makes the students choose this city to be one of the best. The culture and arts  offered by this city captured the hearts of many university students. Its top transport links, friendly and comprehensive atmosphere makes this place one of the most ideal cities for undergraduates.

Munich, Germany

Are you wondering why this city is being loved by many students? Is it because this is the best place to focus on studying and reading SpeedyPaper review. The cleanliness and safety offered by this city are the primary reasons why many students are choosing this place. The best career development chances and opportunities and excellent universities can also be found in this place. Undergraduates can also have the opportunities to continue studying in this city, regardless of nationality in their German public universities.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is on the list of best cities for learners because of its beautiful nature and low renting fees. International students can enjoy their studies in this city without thinking about high tuition fees. Some universities in this city are associated not only with doing different assignments  or students asking -“Do my statistics homework for me” but they also lend a hand to cover transports fees and costs.

Being on the list of top cities chosen by university students is indeed a great honor. If you are one of those students who is aiming to study abroad, congratulations! You can now have a look at the amazing cities to pursue your studies.

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