Top Considerations For Buying A Baby Crib


Your infant is going to spend a large portion of his first three years of his or her life in a crib, therefore it is a worthwhile investment. That’s why you need to purchase one that is as safe as possible and is built to last for years. Baby cribs which are manufactured after 2011 must adhere to US consumer product safety commission standard, one of which involves the date of manufacture being printed somewhere on the device for parents to check. For some parents that live in small apartments, the mini crib may be a more suitable option, since it takes up fewer space than your standard full-size cribs. However, some infants might outgrow a mini crib before they are ready to sleep in a toddler bed, therefore parents may end up spending more towards a larger crib at a later stage. However, when it comes to safety, mini or portable cribs are acceptable given they meet the present safety standards. 

Crib Mattresses

An essential thing to look for is that the mattress is the appropriate size for a crib. You don’t want any space between the edges and the pad of the crib. Avoid using a supplemental mattress or an additional mattress to the mesh-sided play pen. Only use pads and mattresses that are designed specifically for the crib, play yard or bassinet. 

Crib Safety

The best way of keeping a crib time safe, is by remembering that basic is best. No crib bumpers, toys, soft bedding, blankets, pillows, or comforters. Always place a crib away from the curtains, windows, or any chords that your baby can use to pull herself or himself out of the crib or that could be a potential strangulation hazard. Also check out Cribs for Short Mom’s Guide for more information on cribs.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Baby Crib

Here are certain things parents must be aware of when shopping for a safe crib:

  • The crib bars or slats must not exceed a width of 2 3/8 inches apart. Some professionals even suggest that you must gauge if a soda can fit through. If this is the case, then it is not safe. 
  • A crib mattress must be firm, dense and shouldn’t sag under the baby’s weight. They must reach each corner of the crib, with no spaces surrounding the sides. 
  • Shop for cribs that have adjustable mattresses. The top of the rail must be twenty-six inches above the crib mattress and the mattress will have to be lowered periodically when the child grows. 
  • Headboard shouldn’t be adorned with cut-outs but must be solid with no pointy embellishments.
  • The cribs that feature a drop-side don’t adhere to safety requirements anymore, so steer clear from them. 
  • There’s no need for cot bumpers since there’s no evidence that supports, they actually make it safer for kids. 
  • Ensure the crib is sturdy and doesn’t wobble once you shake it. If it shakes, it means it may not have been assembled correctly. 
  • Look for any glue, nails or screw sticking out anywhere on the device. Paint should also no splinter or peel. 
  • If a crib has wheels, make sure they are locked, especially if the crib will be positioned on a tile or wooden floor.
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